Saturday, October 25, 2014

Urban Impressionist Parakeets

When I was walking in East London last weekend, I came across these parakeets that someone had painted on a plywood barrier around a construction site.

They're more a suggestion of a parakeet than a highly detailed realistic rendering.

Today I'm off on yet another photo outing -- as soon as the laundry finishes and I can get it hung up to dry!


  1. Cute...So do you have a clothesline out in the back garden?

  2. E: We have a folding laundry rack that I move outside when the weather is nice. We have a clothesline too, but that's a little more involved as I have to string it up across the patio each time I want to use it. We have a dryer but I think it's really hard on clothes so I prefer to hang them.