Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's a Buffet!

Here's a photo of our new buffet, as promised. Dave found it online, where it was touted as having "one lady owner" its entire life thus far. We bought it (very reasonable!) and had it brought over from Belfast, Northern Ireland. It took just a few days at nominal cost.

We put it in the dining room beneath one of my big Gaia prints, and I unpacked a few more boxes to put the black line, red dot china and the Hornsea on top, giving the whole thing a very '60s feel. Kind of "Mad Men." It just needs to be wreathed in cigarette smoke to be completely authentic -- but not in this house!

It's kind of ridiculous that we're buying furniture at the same time that my mom in Florida is trying to dispose of it -- but what can I say? We're here, she's there. Plus, she's not disposing of a '60s buffet.

Yesterday it poured rain almost all day. I couldn't get Olga to go for a walk in the morning -- I dragged her out the door just long enough to take care of business and then she zipped back inside. She hates rain, and I don't blame her. I wonder how the dog-walker manages her on rainy days? That I would love to see.

Anyway, I don't hear raindrops now (it's still dark out as I write this) so maybe we'll get a walk in this morning.


  1. Cruddy weather, but what a lovely gleaming relic of the 1960s. Good find!

  2. Good Morning Steve. Like the 60's thing you have going on.The print really caught my eye,can you give me a little history on it? I am a novice when it comes to art. My two girls (a scotty and chihuahua) hate getting their feet wet after a rain.Quite the scene when I put them out for their "duties" Have a good day.Mary from Alabama.

  3. I adore the buffet! Storming here in the way it only storms in the south. Maurice just took advantage of a break in it to go outside. She is not happy about this weather.

  4. That is really a beautiful piece of furniture.
    The only thing new I have is a new TV purchased yesterday for the new apartment. I'm finally joining the rest of the world with a flat screen TV and the monster I have now will go to Goodwill (if they even want it).

  5. My mother in law has the very same sideboard
    I love it....
    More than I can say ( I am afraid) for the picture

  6. That's fun! Although I'm the opposite of John Gray - I like the picture better :)

  7. Thanks for the praise on the furniture, everybody! We really like it.

    Mary: The print is by an artist named Andrew Pisacona, who goes by the name Gaia. I have this one and another, both large black-and-white linocuts. If you search my blog for "Gaia" and look back to early 2008 you should see a post when I first got them. Gaia pasted these prints up all over New York City, on buildings and doors, before finally offering a limited number of signed editions through a gallery. He's still doing art -- I'm Facebook friends with him!

    Sharon: Good luck with donating it. I think old TVs are not very in demand.

    John: Funny! Does she know who made it? We would love to know the maker and it has no marks or labels. As for the picture, well, that's the nature of art, isn't it? Not everyone can like the same things!

  8. very nice in a sleek modern 60s way. I prefer a little more ornate myself.

  9. I love the clean lines and it goes perfectly with your style! You are brave though to ship furniture without ever having seen it in person. Looks great!

  10. Lovely...I should have let you decorate my flat...