Thursday, December 11, 2014

Health Report

Dave came down with a cold last week, and it's been lingering, so he took yesterday off work to lie around the house and rest. It was a good idea, not just for healing purposes, but also to check up on our dog walker. We've been wondering what time she really arrives and departs, and if yesterday was any indication, she's doing what she's supposed to do. She was here about when we expected and Olga was gone about two hours.

Olga doesn't seem to like this dog walker much, which has us a bit concerned. When we lived in Notting Hill, Olga would trot off with her previous dog walker like we didn't even exist. But here she resists going, and in fact clings to us if we're home. We've seen pictures of her on her walks and she seems fine then, so I think the problem is the transportation. They cage Olga (and all the other dogs) individually in the back of a van in order to take them to a park. I think she hates that cage. (I don't blame her.)

I may write to the dog walker and see if there's a way to solve this problem. Her previous dog walker let her ride in the passenger seat in his car, and she loved that. I'm sure it's not ideal in case of an accident, but maybe we should take our chances.

Anyway, back to Dave's cold. So far, I haven't caught it, knock on wood. I was feeling a bit bedraggled yesterday afternoon, but that feeling appears to have passed. It's been long enough now that I think I would be showing symptoms if I were going to get sick -- though how I avoided it I have no idea. And I think Dave is on the mend, though he's still coughing.

Ah, winter.

(Photos: I find a lot of lost stuffed animals on my walks!)


  1. Such forlorn little stuffed animals. I thought at first they were meant as arty stand-ins for Dave. Hopefully he's now feeling better than they look.
    Just got caught up on some of your past posts. It was fun to read several in a row and see your days unfold.

  2. Perhaps you have already had this strain of the cold virus which Dave is suffering from and thus, are immune now. I hope that is true.
    Speaking as one who lost a beloved stuffed animal out a car window as a child, I will tell you that those pictures make me a bit sad.

  3. surely the little bunny is being missed by someone. I haven't been sick with a cold or the flu for so long I can't really remember. but then, I'm hardly ever around people.

  4. I got whacked by a bad cold last month for the first time in three years so I'm hoping I'm immune again for another three years. That first photo is just a bit sad. That poor little guy could use a good hug.

  5. Garlicin CX immune support. I swear by it. I hardly ever get sick. Knock on wood.

  6. awwww the little stuffies. I am glad you have taken their photo. I have the sniffles, thought that I would not catch it because I had such a doozy in France. I blame the darkness of winter.

  7. I haven't had a cold in forever - and I used to get them regularly. Maybe my vitamins actually work? More likely it's my regular hand washing :)

    Hope Dave is feeling better - I'm off to find out!