Monday, February 1, 2016

A Drizzly Sunday

I looked at the weather forecast yesterday morning -- cloudy, but with zero percent chance of rain. "Oh, good," I thought. "I can take Olga to the Heath."

It proceeded to rain all morning.

Seldom is a forecast so far off the mark.

I spent a few hours on the couch, finishing a novel -- "Fates and Furies" by Lauren Groff, a fascinating and somewhat terrifying depiction of a marriage -- and catching up on other reading. Olga lay in my lap and stared at me with pleading eyes.

Finally, once the drizzle stopped right after lunch, we went to the Heath. It was a mud-bog. I don't know if you can see the path in that top photo, but it has been layered with sticks by people who were trying to give it some kind of foundation. In many places the mud nearly sucked my shoes off my feet.

Olga loved it, though. The two of us were out all afternoon, and it was canine bath time when we got home. She's still exhausted.

Last night Dave and I continued with "Transparent." We're well into Season 2, which required us to buy an Amazon Prime membership. They sucked us right in! In the past I never saw the need for Prime, but maybe now that we have it we'll use it. It's an experiment.


  1. I'm an unabashed Amazon Prime lover.

  2. Rather than reading other people's books might I suggest that you write and illustrate with photos, a series of children's books called "Olga's Adventures"...
    Olga ran into the bushes. Olga found a squirrel called Sam.
    "Hello Sam," said Olga.
    "Hello Olga," said Sam.
    "I'm hungry," said Olga.
    "I'm scared," said Sam.
    And then Olga had her dinner.
    And Sam was no more.
    Olga ran out of the bushes.
    "So there you are!" said Mr Steve. "Time to go home!"
    "Arf! Arf!" said Olga.


  3. Yorkshire pudding may be onto something although I'm sure that Olga would never eat a squirrel named Sam. Would she? You are such a good dog daddy.

  4. I'm not one to blow the trumpet of large, tax-dodging multi-nationals like Amazon, but I got the tv because I already had Prime and think it is great.

  5. yet another member of the Amazon prime cult here. for awhile it was just the shipping benefit and now i keep it for things like Transparent. haven't seen that shade of green fungi before. it's beautiful!

  6. I just bought something from Amazon yesterday and they tried very hard during the transaction to get me to join Amazon Prime. I just didn't think I'd use it enough to make it worthwhile. You'll have to let us know if you think it's worth it.

  7. Like Ms Moon said, you are such a good dog daddy!

  8. Dirty paws olga.......... Winter blues for me.......muddy paws