Thursday, October 26, 2017

Gold Heart and Yellow Chair

I am not feeling so great. I don't know if it's a holdover from the cold I had a few weeks ago or what, but I still feel slightly congested and tired. I was hoping to do another walk on the LOOP this weekend, but that may not be smart. I may take it easy.

Tuesday evening I came home from work to find Mrs. Kravitz's trash cans lined up on the sidewalk in front of our house. It looked like she moved them to get in and out of her side return -- the alleyway beside her house -- so I figured some temporary back-garden project was going on and I left them. They were still there yesterday morning, and they were still there when I came home from work yesterday evening. So then I got annoyed and lined them up in front of her house. Is that passive-aggressive? Probably. But would you put your trash cans in front of your neighbor's house for more than a day, without saying anything, while leaving the front of your own house pristine? Who does that?!

I found a terrific yellow wooden chair yesterday while walking the dog. It had been set out for the trash collection and was dirty -- looked like it had been sitting in someone's garage for a couple of years -- but I brought it home and then texted Dave, who had already gone to work and would return home before me: "Don't make any judgments about my yellow chair until I've had a chance to clean it up!" He wrote back: "Ha!" and no doubt rolled his eyes. Well, I did clean it up last night, and it looks pretty good. Fashionably distressed, I would say. It's now brightening up our front room!

(Top photo: A heart-shaped mylar balloon mysteriously tied to a fence in Petts Wood, a couple of weeks ago.)


  1. After you have paid your massive London rent, I guess there's not much money left so that's why you have to hunt around for free stuff - like abandoned plants and chairs. Have you considered using a food bank Steve? I suspect the closest one to you is at Brent Park - 21 Neasden Ln, Church End & Roundwood, London NW10 2TS. Don't be too proud to sign up there.

  2. YP: You're right about the rent, but fortunately we're not in need of a food bank yet. Ask again after Brexit!

  3. I love your yellow chair!
    Mrs. Kravitz has some problems. Obviously.
    Rest up and feel better.

  4. I don't believe I'd have waited as long as you did to move her trash cans in front of her house. my son would bring all sorts of things home he found set out. I called him a finder. I guess you're a finder too.

  5. Some of our long-term furniture was scavenged from odd places.
    Tell Dave you're saving the planet (and fashionably, too!) by re-cycling.

  6. No, I would not put my trash cans in front of someone else's house. That is just rude. I love the chair. Very cheery!

  7. It's not okay to put one's trash cans in front of the neighbor's house. Not sure why anyone would do that. Nice yellow chair! Hope you feel better and more energetic soon.

  8. I like your "finding" adventures but SWMBO has been downsizing and getting rid of so much stuff I wouldn't dare bring anything home.

  9. Oh man, I love that chair, not just the colour but the back of it as well. Good find!

    I wonder what is going on in Mrs. K's mind??

    Hope you shake the last of that cold soon.

  10. Love that chair! And no, moving the cans back in front of Mrs. K's house was not at all passive aggressive, just appropriately pointed. Get some rest, friend. Listen to your body when it's telling you to take it slow for a bit. Putter around nearby home this weekend. Let yourself doze and read and even get bored. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Your neighbour sounds quite tame compared to ours. We've had these evil *******for over 30 years and they only stopped their antics after receiving a solicitors letter.
    I love the chair.

  12. Mrs Kravitz strikes again! And the yellow chair, what a find.


  13. I love the yellow chair! I would like one just like it. But blue, maybe :)

    Mrs. Kravitz is a piece of work. In my mind she looks just like Maxine ( Ha!

    Hope you feel better!