Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Weird Sun

The light was so strange yesterday afternoon. At broad midday, about 1 p.m., it seemed more like sunset -- the sun was orange, the land shadowy, the sky a cloudy, sickly yellow-gray. I said to Dave, "Is the world ending?!"

At times, it seemed really dark outside -- way too dark for early afternoon -- but there was no rain. When the sun did shine, it came in intermittent red-gold bursts.

Wabi, Sabi and Bobby were not amused. Wide-eyed with fright, in fact.

Apparently this had to do with Hurricane Ophelia, the weather oddity that swept up from Africa and dragged with it a lot of Saharan dust and particles from fires in the Iberian peninsula. All that debris in the air filtered out light from the blue end of the spectrum, leaving us basking in a red-yellow glow.

It was very creepy.

Earlier in the day, everything was normal enough. The tree crew came bright and early, just after 8 a.m., and took down the spindly holly and trimmed the rest of the shrubbery in the garden. There's a lot more light out there as a result, peculiar though it was in the afternoon, and hopefully our plants will get an added boost next season. (And hopefully we won some points from Mrs. Kravitz, our holly-hating neighbor.)

I was concerned about the tree guys stomping all over the flower beds and dragging branches across them, but they did a great job and nothing seems to have any permanent damage. We didn't solve all the tree problems -- there's also a walnut tree that's leaning toward the house and needs some trimming of its own at some point. But the landlord can handle that. I think we've already been quite generous to pay for what we have.

Dave and I have gone on a Jane Fonda movie kick (well, to be completely honest, I have, and I'm dragging a grumbling Dave along with me). Last night we watched "On Golden Pond," which reminded me that I had a huge crush on Doug McKeon back when we were both 14-year-olds, and tonight we're going to tackle "Barefoot in the Park." I have a need to show Dave these movies, even though he's not particularly a movie fan and doesn't particularly want to see them. Is that selfishness on my part? Or am I right to want to share with him meaningful artifacts of my life? I can't decide.


  1. I can decide. It is selfishness on your part.

    As the world ended yesterday, in the yellow haze of damnation, I have woken up in another dimension where the sky is blue and Donald Trump and Brexit were just bad dreams.

  2. It's so obvious why there are so many Biblical stories about the skies doing one odd thing or another. There IS a sense of great and dreadful event when the sun or the moon or the very sky itself become things we do not quite recognize. I don't think we realize just how much we count on the heavens being relatively predictable. Remember how freaked I got during the eclipse? As educated and "modern" as we all are these days, we cannot help but interpret certain things as omens somewhere deep inside of us whether they are omens for destruction or great hope.

  3. I want to be in the land where Yorkshire Pudding is.

    Of course you want to share meaningful artistic experiences with your beloved. But it helps if you can tell a good story relating to the particular event or object under review, such as the piercing poignancy of a certain arc shot, or the hotness of certain supporting actors.

    My husband recently discovered vintage car auctions on TV, and he and I have become weirdly addicted to watching them. It's nice that we found something we can sort of "do" together.

  4. That sky story is pretty strange. I think it would have made me feel like something terrible was about to happen. "Barefoot in the Park" is one of my old favorites. I remember laughing so hard I was crying. You will have to let us know if holds up as funny today.

    I'm with Vivian....I want to be in YP's land also.

  5. yeah, probably selfishness but that's OK. it won't hurt Dave to sit through a movie or two. what else would he be doing?

  6. The west spastic suffered the skies full of smoke most of the summer. It's not pleasant

  7. After all the fires here in California, I recognize that creepy sun. I don't know why it surprises me that the hurricane winds brought the dusty particles all that way. I did just read that the smoke from the fires in northern California reached all the way to Mexico. The amazing power of wind. About movie watching and Dave, it makes me think of the music that Roger likes to listen to. It's not my kind of music at all, so I just don't listen. We still love each other madly!

  8. Here in Arizona we had smoke from the fires in the Pacific Northwest a month or so ago. It was just like the days of controlled burns in the forests here. Strange phenomena these days. And I loved "On Golden Pond".

  9. If--as you say--you have a need to show Dave certain things that are meaningful to you and your history, I think it's part of being a good partner to pay attention. But maybe, like other artifacts, you could choose the most meaningful so he doesn't get overwhelmed.

    I liked "On Golden Pond" but I was way too young to get out of it what I should have, I think. The only other thing I saw Jane Fonda in was "Nine to Five"! Or should I say the opening half hour of it. On TV. Clearly I have no culture.

    That sky is really VERY yellow.

  10. You are so right to share with Dave, unless it's something that would hurt him. Never hurt the one you love (believe me, this is the voice of experience speaking.) By the way, are your gorgeous (ornamental) cats, made of wood or metal, they look very much that some I have. Hope Olga has recovered from her exertions. I haven't so have had to drink enormous amounts of wine to help restore my vitality. (I don't think it's worked, but I don't seem to feckin' care)

  11. I think you want to share the movies, and so he goes along, understanding its importance to you. That's married life on the sweet end of the spectrum. Enjoy!

  12. Mike & I are always sharing things like movies & books that the other one has no interest in. Sometimes we even pay attention! :)