Thursday, October 5, 2017

More iPhone Photos

Because I have pretty much nothing to say today, how about another round of iPhone photos?

First, some bags of construction sand, looking like big marshmallows on the street. It's interesting how in Britain, sand or gravel for building projects is delivered by the bagful, at least in the city. I can't remember how that worked in New York, but I don't remember seeing big bags like this.

I came across this vine while walking home one day about two weeks ago. I had no idea what it was, with those greenish flowers. Turns out it's called a cup-and-saucer vine (Cobaea scandens).

I was out walking Olga one morning when we were menaced by this concrete guard dog. Not very effective, it seems to me.

Some of you correctly identified the vine in my photo two days ago as Virginia Creeper. There's quite a bit of it in London, where it's appreciated for its brilliant fall color. Here's some more, even farther along in its seasonal color change.

(When I posted this photo on Facebook, Dave wrote "Virginia Creeper" in the comments. Another friend replied, "How dare you! Her name is Olga.")

Remember the big 2001 monolith on Finchley Road? Well, it's been unveiled, and I still don't entirely understand what it is. Apparently you can charge your phone here, make free calls and use it as a WiFi point, among other things. BT says it's the new version of the phone booth.

A lost mermaid, found on a bench in West Hampstead.

Don't we all appreciate a garbage bag with a sense of humor?

And finally, Olga blending in with some street wildlife in front of a florist's shop in West Hampstead. (The same florist with the saggy shelves.)


  1. You have a knack of making the simplest photo interesting. Great pictures here. I like the cup-and-saucer vine, can't say I've ever seen one of those. Olga is a great poser, do you order her to stay in place?

  2. Ha-ha! I loved that Binliner! Well spotted Steve.

  3. The changing colors in your adopted city are wonderful...

  4. I love your iPhone photos. A friend of mine has been posting butterfly and moth pictures that she's been taking with her iPhone and to my untrained eye, they are amazing! Tiny, tiny macro detail in each one.
    The binliner is freaking hysterical. Olga and her fellow wildlife is such a happy picture. I love the faithful guard dog. He looks like he's eternally waiting for his master. The Virginia Creeper is quite dramatic!
    And did you bring home the little mermaid or leave it for someone else to find?
    Cup and saucer vine? What? What?

  5. Ms Moon made all my comments. we have virginia creeper down here but I don't ever remember it turning red like that. and yes, did you bring home the little lost mermaid?

  6. For a day with nothing to say, you produced an interesting post.

  7. I love seeing your iPhone photos! You see such interesting stuff there in the everyday life on the streets.

  8. I am a fan of street photography, particularly when I get to walk London streets with a street-eye guy.

    My fave is Olga with the ponies. I know she doesn't understand why she had to hold still for you, but she's a good dog so she Stayed.

  9. These are great! You've brought a huge smile to my face. Olga is in perfect harmony with her florist shop friends. The bin liner is too funny and couldn't they have at least painted that "phone booth" red? That flowering plant reminds me of one I found in California on my most recent trip there. I've never seen anything like it and I have no idea what it is but it has the strangest blooms I've ever seen on a plant. I should email you a photo of it and see if you can figure it out.

  10. So many interesting things along your walking routes! I can walk the town here and see nothing new day after day after day. I so enjoy your iPhone photo posts.