Saturday, October 21, 2017

iPhone Photos: Autumn Edition

After my last iPhone photo post, a friend asked me why I specified that the photos were from my phone rather than my camera. "Are you not happy with them? They all look fine to me," he said. Calling them "only iPhone photos" does them a disservice, he thought.

It's not that I'm not happy with them -- in fact, if anything, I'm thrilled with the quality of my phone's camera. But I do think of them more like snapshots, and I group them together because they seem related to me -- things I've noticed while walking around, mainly on dog walks!

Like the pig above, which stands in front of a house on our street. Someone decorated it with fallen apples from a nearby tree, which always roll around in the road at this time of year.

Here's a colorful moving truck I found in my neighborhood. The M25, also known as the London Orbital Motorway, is a superhighway that circles the city. The style of the sign caught my eye -- I'm pretty sure it's an American interstate highway sign, not one that the British use. (Am I wrong about that, British drivers?)

More free stuff -- some chairs and some big plastic toys.

This is the playground where the "color box" used to stand. I photographed Olga there a couple of times. The big climbing structure with the colored plastic panels has been removed and the whole park is being renovated.

See the forlorn houseplant sitting on the pavement at the right? I rescued it from someone's trash can. That's the one I had to buy a pot for a couple of weeks ago. It lives in our dining room now, though it's still looking pretty sorry.

What we have a failure to communicate.

Seriously, these street bins are emblematic of the struggles that London has with rubbish. They're always overflowing and  disgusting.

I passed this guy's barber shop on one of my walks. I've never before seen this spelling of that name. Almost all the vowels! I think he should change it to "Ieouan," just for good measure.

Found this in a book in the library. Why?!

The mysteries of the teenage sense of humor...

Also in the library -- the evening sun shining across the floor, just as I was locking up. This was a couple of weeks ago and now it's already darker when I close the library at 5 p.m.

And finally, two pairs of free shoes on a wall near our flat. I've found matched pairs of shoes here before. Maybe twins live there?


  1. I doubt that the pig was simply "decorated" with fallen apples. More likely the apples, like the matching shoes and the abandoned plant were gifts to Boris, the pre-Christian pig God.

    Ieuan is a fairly common Welsh Christian name.

  2. Well, quite frankly, I love your snapshots. They tell so many stories.
    I'd snatch up those little cars for my grands in a red hot second.
    And make a gift to Boris, too. YP is a funny guy.

  3. re the trash can. same problem here. either no can read or they are too lazy to read or they just don't give a damn. probably the last. and how does one pronounce Ieuan? whatever you call these posts, they are very entertaining.

  4. I love your snapshots. They capture the ambiance of the neighborhood walks so well. I took a few photos with the iPhone yesterday while we were walking to the co-op to food shop. I thought of you!

  5. Actually the camera in my Android phone is better than my little Nikon. Especially since I dropped the Nikon and jammed the zoom thingy. And I, too, love your photos. It gives a good feel to the stories you tell about your walks. Those freebie shoes look to be in pretty good condition. Are they now in your closet?

  6. Another great selection of random photos. I'm going to have to do this same thing for a post one day. I do have quite an assortment of odd shots. Olga looks a little forlorn at that park being closed. If that were a live pig, he'd love to eat those fallen apples. But of course, live pig in the neighborhood would create a whole new set of problems.

  7. It's great that so many people just give away the stuff they no longer want or need. It must save a lot of stuff from the landfill. It's very unusual to see that done here, in our town at least.

    And like so many people have already said, "just" iPhone pictures are not "just" anything - they're unique and interesting in their own right (and give us insight into your walks!).

  8. That dog waste one made me laugh. You might argue that Dominos could be considered dog waste, but their pizza is WAY better than it used to be.