Friday, June 14, 2019

One More Day

Well, we're down to just one more day, and then it's "No more teachers, no more books!" Today isn't even really a workday. It's our year-end assembly, where we recognize all the people who are leaving or retiring, and then we have a buffet lunch -- usually out on the playground, but the weather is so terrible we'll probably wind up in the gym instead.

And then we're free!

I survived yesterday, but only barely. I felt like the walking dead -- so tired and fuzzy-minded and burdened with toxins! It's been a long time since I've had a true hangover. I don't know what I was thinking, spending eight hours at an office party. On a boat. In the rain.

My former co-worker Lindsey stopped by yesterday to say hello. She and her husband now live in Yangon, Myanmar, where they both work at a school. It was great to see her and hear about her adventures. She's going to be in and around London for part of this summer, so we'll get together again before she heads back to Southeast Asia.

This is Olga's morning nap spot, on the rug in the dining room. That's when there's any sun -- which, at the moment, there's not. I took this picture about two weeks ago.

Dave and I started watching "When They See Us," Netflix's show about the Central Park Five, last night. It's excellent. I remember that case, and the scary depictions of "wilding" (whatever that meant) in the press at the time. I didn't immediately realize what a miscarriage of justice it was -- few people did -- although some of the players dispute the facts as presented in the series. It makes me want to find a good objective account (does such a thing exist?) to read about what really transpired. There's certainly no doubt those kids were wrongly convicted, and seeing the trial and dearth of evidence as depicted by the show, it's hard for me to imagine how a racially mixed jury reached a guilty verdict.

(Top photo: A colorful driveway at a construction site in Hampstead.)


  1. I love the shadows in this photo of Olga. Enjoy your day and your summer break.

  2. The last day! And as I write this, I am sure you're done and free!
    (Cue Alice Cooper.)
    There's just too much to watch on TV these days! I started watching the new Tales of the City on Netflix. Oh my gosh! I got weepy seeing all those folks again. Of course I weep a lot.
    By the way- you wrote some of my favorite blog-lines ever in this post.
    "I don't know what I was thinking, spending eight hours at an office party. On a boat. In the rain."
    On a boat! In the rain!
    Wonderful. Even if it did lead to a bit of agony.

  3. The last work day! What a great feeling that must be!
    I heard a review of that show yesterday and they also gave it high praise.

  4. A good objective account. About anything. That'd be something.

  5. As I type this you are already basking in the sunlight of your summer freedom. Enjoy every moment of it. Great photo of Olga!

  6. Donald Trump railroaded those boys into a conviction and jail. the last day of school is always the best.

  7. Does the series mention Trump and his full page ad in the paper? And how he tried to sway public opinion? We don't get Netflix, unfortunately.

  8. I have not watched it yet, not sure I will, how much grief and injustice can one person endure willingly, and they were just babies! I would rather be hung over from a party to get my misery fix.
    Trump is poison- Boris is poison- the pot constantly being stirred- fresh poison for everyone.

  9. I like you linked the cross hatching in the first picture with that in the second. I'm like Olga, I like to nap in the sunshine.

  10. I have fond memories of the last day of school before summer vacation. All the faculty used to go out and wave at all the buses as they pulled away and then we'd have a barbeque before heading out. That feeling of having the whole summer stretching out in front of you is just heavenly! Enjoy!

  11. I wish I had a "morning nap spot" like Olga does, because that would mean I'd have a morning nap too! lol

    Freedom! It's a wonderful feeling.

  12. E: We have good windows for shadows!

    Ms Moon: Ha! I'm glad you appreciated the absurdity! For some reason I was thinking Van Halen did that "School's Out" song. I've been singing it in my head for several days now! "Tales of the City" is on my watch list, but we haven't started it yet.

    Sharon: It's a good show, but I am mindful that it is NOT a documentary.

    Alphie: As an old-school journalist, I value the goal of objectivity, while recognizing that perfect objectivity is always impossible.

    Robin: We might even have some actual sunshine today!

    Ellen: They were absolutely railroaded! Donald Trump helped politicize it all, but the "justice" system railroaded them too.

    Allison: Absolutely. They show the ad and they show a clip of then-Trump talking about it.

    Linda Sue: I think Boris is better than Trump, but I may be deluding myself. I think he's smarter, at least. That could be good or terrible.

    Catalyst: I would like to say I recognized the link between those two photos, but I absolutely did not, unless it was subconscious!

    Sue: We didn't wave off the buses -- the kids have been gone since Wednesday -- but we did have party after party this week. I wish we had just ONE party.

    Jenny-O: Ha! Olga loves her morning nap almost as much as her afternoon and evening naps!

  13. I also watched it and from what I have read it is pretty accurate. Ken Burns has a documentary film on it, google Ken Burns Central Park Five. The prosecutor, Linda Fairsten has been dropped by her publisher and has resigned from the board of Vasaar.

  14. When they see us is excellent! You might also want to watch the Ken Burns documentary Central Park Five. I feel such shame that I didn't grasp at the time that it made no sense that these boys did that crime. The news coverage left no room for doubt. Now I see how derailed justice was in this case, allowing the real culprit to go out and find four more victims. Heartbreaking. Everyone should watch.