Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Keeping My Head Down

This restaurant is a very peculiar place. It's right around the corner from our flat, and it's been there since we moved in five years ago. It used to fill three (if I'm not mistaken) shopfronts. It eventually downsized to two, and now it seems closed altogether. In all of that time I never saw more than a handful of customers in the place. I don't get why it started so BIG and why it took so long to vanish. (And it's really not vanished yet -- they could be remodeling!)


I am staying out of the Trump fray. I've demonstrated against him in the past and I'm certainly in agreement with the throngs of protestors who are expected to choke London's streets today, during his state visit. But I'm not going to participate in this round of the fight. For one thing, I have to go to work!

You probably heard how Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan were exchanging barbs before Trump's plane even landed. They're both playing politics. Khan knows cosmopolitan, globally minded Londoners -- his bread and butter -- don't support Trump. And Trump knows none of his voters are going to identify with someone named Sadiq. There's no danger for either of them in rattling each other's cages.

Honestly, the whole Trump horror show is so exhausting that I can't bring myself to watch it too closely. Seeing that bloated, orange bully, that "short-fingered vulgarian," standing next to the Queen just makes me want to die of embarrassment. He has his fans in England, certainly among the Brexiteers -- I've even seen them wear "Make Britain Great Again" red baseball caps on TV, although that slogan doesn't have the same ring as MAGA -- but I feel a constant need to apologize for him.

As I was lying in bed last night, I had the horrible realization that at that very moment, Trump was just a few miles away. He and Melania are apparently staying at Winfield House, the home of the U.S. Ambassador in Regent's Park. That's way, way too close. I can feel his bad juju.

I just want this visit to be over. I want this next election to be over. I want this whole Trumpian nightmare to be over. I want a leader who's presidential and diplomatic and worthy of respect. Seems reasonable, doesn't it?


  1. I hope that Melania wasn't feeling his bad juju last night. Mind you, I understand they sleep in separate bedrooms. Am I right to assume that a juju is a willy? Bring back Dubya - all is forgiven.

  2. Oh, where to start? Or more importantly, where to stop once I get started?
    For me I've decided the whole double bill of Trump/Brexit has become stale, boring and repetitive and after three years of opposing sides heaping scorn, filth and vitriol on each other what has been achieved?
    As for making England great again, how's that going to happen? Bring back the days of the Empire? (Snort of derision)
    Or maybe they could seek the patronage of the USA and become a USA colony. I can see distinct advantages in that situation for the USA.
    China are experts at offering beleaguered Pacific nations financial assistance when times are a bit tight then 'foreclosing' when payments fall behind.
    Why shouldn't the same scenario work in another place for another power?
    As for how you feel right now, that's probably how Eurasians felt when Ghengis Khan held sway.
    On that cheerful note I'll move on to attempt a more positive comment in another place...

  3. I, too, feel the constant need to apologize. And that's so ridiculous. WE didn't elect him. In fact, we did everything we could not to see him elected and are as horrified as anyone, probably more so since he affects us most of all. But I sure am grateful for the British for getting out and showing their refusal to accept him and his family as normal.
    God, doesn't he look like a buffoon standing next to the queen? He's just the biggest dick in the world. Pardon my language.

  4. I was going to write a post on Dharma Bums blog ranting about Trump because I just can't take it anymore. I didn't write it, and I am so glad to read this post. Thank you for expressing what I am feeling. It's a freakin' nightmare.

  5. Gung Ho Restaurant
    332 West End Lane
    West Hampstead
    London, NW6 1LN

    Due to accidental damages in the kitchen, Gung Ho restaurant and Stir-Fry delivery services is temporarily closed.

    We will re-open when we can.

    Opening Hours:

    Monday - Sunday Closed

  6. I think many people are thinking the same as you with what you have in your last paragraph.

  7. No amount of sage smudging can remove the bad Juju from Winfield house after that visit! After Edward VIII's friendship and shenanigans with Hitler , you would think that the royals might be a little more reluctant to be so welcoming to the Orange fascist gasbag ( children are still in cages) only because of BREXIT , another exercise in insanity, and a "trade deal" with the fucking USA. We all know what happens with this sort of arrangement- Trump grabs Britain by the ...biscuits.

  8. I just got done looking at some news photos of that ridiculous man and his Stepford wife standing next to the Queen. It just looked so wrong. Like you and almost everyone I know, I am just tired of this embarrassing circus. I want him gone!
    I see someone is letting you know the status of Gung Ho.

  9. Obama was at the basketball game here in Toronto on Sunday and he got a standing ovation! People know there is more to the U.S. than what is happening now.

  10. Can you hear Malania crying out quietly for help to come

  11. Only those who voted for Trump should feel embarrassed. The rest of the world knows the facts, the results of the popular vote, and feels for citizens of the USA who have Trump as president under protest.

    I'm beginning to be very worried about the world in general and the rise of right-wing leaders in more than just the United States. I don't think things will be over even when Trump's presidency is over.

    Sorry, didn't mean to be so gloomy. Some days it just spills over . . .

  12. I'm with you on that, I just want it to be over. I dread the coming election and the prospect, the horror of horrors, of four more years of Trump. it just makes me sick to think it's entirely possible.