Sunday, June 17, 2007

E. 29th Street, June 2007

I was walking to the gym yesterday morning when I saw this wall, with the abandoned chair next to it. I had to run back to my apartment for the camera! There's something really photogenic about chairs, and I'm not sure what it is...they're almost as innately interesting as doors.

This wall is unusual because it never really changes. As the tide of graffiti ebbs and flows, this wall remains pretty much unaffected. Here is a shot from last summer.

I went out last night with my friend Jan and her friend Helen to a great restaurant in the East Village called the Mermaid Inn. The three of us drank two bottles of wine, plus a couple of cocktails. I'm definitely feeling it this morning. Still, I plan to get to the Zendo and rebalance!


  1. Liquor has been around forever - longer even than the red curves on the wall (love last year's pic, too!) Because I'm reading 1491 I'm learning how Native Americans drank. And boy did they drink.

    I'm sure some meditation will bring you around. If not, I recommend tomato juice and a nap. I don't drink that much anymore, but every now and then, it's just the thing. Cheers!

  2. I have no wisdom about hangovers. But I'm glad to see that "feral furniture" happens even in NYC.

  3. Feral furniture, what a great description.

    I have never experienced a hangover. My family has a long and troubled past with alcohol, so I abstain.

    what do you suppose was used to make the arcs on the wall. A garbage can lid?

  4. chairs is like people, they got arms and legs, they sit there, they have backs, bottoms. they do express something more human than a sofa or a desk that is for sure. tis chair looks like it is about to hop up, or move sideways. the graffiti behind it is perfect.

  5. maybe this chair has dozed off,and thats why it is leaning to one side.

  6. perfectly placed!

  7. haha, a great photo - and comments!
    lots of feral furniture in london too.

    and you're right about chairs - and doors. innately interesting.

    but Steve - should you not take your camera with you everywhere, as a matter of principle?

  8. yes letty, i was stunned that he was naked too!