Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Someone drew this nicotine-addicted rabbit, who looks suspiciously like an editor, on the whiteboard in a conference room at work. Doesn’t it look like a James Thurber cartoon? (But he’s long dead, so we can’t credit him.)

The whiteboards are supposed to be cleaned every Friday, but that rabbit has been there for weeks. I think the cleaning crew is just being lazy, but I'm glad they’ve left him alone. I’ve even taking to maintaining him personally. Every once in a while someone writes notes or a comment on the board around the rabbit, and after a while I go in and erase them, leaving him in skeptical silence once again.


  1. How very cool to have your own pet rabbit at work. No rabbit pellets to clean up -- even better!

    My guess is he might reappear if he were ever erased!

  2. White boards create the opportunity for indoor street art.

    The rabbit is so cool. Maybe ya'll need a new white board for notes and stuff.

    I'm sure the cleaning crew loves the drawing as much as you do.

  3. Awesome wabbit, Steve!

    ---E. Fudd

  4. I bet that rabbit is bloody naked from the waist down :)