Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lily Allen

The gym is proving elusive this week -- my nights have been running late so I wind up sleeping in the mornings. I went to a party at my friend Dan’s on Saturday night, and Sunday I had a dinner party and meeting of the newsletter committee for the Zendo.

Then, last night, Dan and I went to see Lily Allen in concert at Roseland Ballroom. She’s a British pop singer who writes tart, saucy songs with lots of attitude. I confess I barely knew who she was before I went -- my friend Christopher gave me one of her CDs a couple of years ago, so I’d heard that, but she’s not someone I listen to regularly. That may change now!

It was a GREAT show. For one thing, it was like a rock concert should be -- general admission, with everyone packed onto the floor sloshing beer around. It was more crowded than the 6 train at rush hour! And Lily’s music was terrific. Here are two videos for songs she played last night, "It's Not Fair" and "LDN."

I also liked her opening band, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, which may be the second-best band name ever, after Sandy Duncan’s Eye. They were fun and had a kind of retro synthesizer thing going -- they clearly know their B-52s. And for a band called Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, they were oddly obsessed with hair, singing about ponytails and facial hair, in addition to Holding Hands in the Shower, which might have been my favorite. Crazy.

Anyway, it was a fun evening. Kind of nice to realize I can still enjoy a good romp at my advanced age of 42.

(Photo: Mr. Spock does drag on the Lower East Side, April 2009)


  1. Steve, may I respectfully suggest - out of consideration for your elders - that you NOT refer to 42 as an 'advanced age' - I now feel as if I should totter over and ask for admission to the Old People's Home down the street :-)

    That being said, Natalie and her friends look so YOUNG. How can anybody look so young? gad.

    Lily is a scream.

    Hope you rest up tonight. No going out two nights in a row at your 'advanced age', you know :-)

  2. I Love Natalie Portman! and thanks for the intro to Lily.
    Nice bicycle / street art photo too.

  3. Don't forget Hippiefest 2009 is coming up. & check out other Bethel concerts...

  4. Did this crowd get high only on the music or was that telltale smell in the air as you listened to Lily? :)

    Sounds like a great evening. You lead such a fun and interesting life and have so many friends. I'm sure that easily makes up for the fact that sometimes work sucks!

  5. Jody Foster's Army is also a great band name as is The Cramps .. oh ... and The Embarrassment, a great little band from Wichita, Kansas. I could go on ... there are lots of great band names.

    OK I'll admit it, though ... Natalie Portman's Shaved Head IS a great band name.

    Glad to know you're kicking up your heels at night. Yes!!

  6. Meant to say ... oh Mr. Spock! You're looking a little under the weather in that blond wig!

  7. Lee: Sorry about "advanced age," but everything is relative, and in this crowd, I was advanced! (A few other 40-ish people were there too, though.)

    Squirrel: Hippiefest! Woo hoo!

    B: That aroma was definitely present as well.

    Reya: Someone should compile a book (or a blog post?) of the best band names ever.

  8. Good for you.. and good for Lily Allen, both sides win!

  9. Advanced age of 42? What?

    Why it was just yesterday you were eating Pecan Sandies by the truckload and wearing your bathrobe around the house 24-7!

    You are still but a youngster!

  10. From now on, Utahdog, you are not allowed to mention my middle-school diet or attire on my blog! :)

  11. It seems to be a busy time of year. So many activities and fun to be had. I have not heard of Lily Allen but will check her out. I love saucy, tarty, attitude. Oh, I am all about the tart. Fun post, young buns.

  12. great band names...

    nice bike shot which reminds me, happy earth day steve!

  13. advanced age, pffft.

    I thjnk Natalie portman's shaved head beats sandy duncan's eye, myself

    the Spock is brilliant