Monday, April 6, 2009

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was literally a perfect spring day. I was out and about in a t-shirt, and the sun was warm and bright. Such a change from Saturday!

I went to the Zendo in the morning and then went walking through the Lower East Side. I had lunch at the Cup & Saucer, an old-fashioned lunch counter on Canal Street that I always fear will close without warning and turn into a Rite-Aid or something. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and vanilla shake.

Then I wandered a couple of hours taking photos, until I wound up in Seward Park on Essex Street, where I sat reading "The Stories of John Cheever" and drinking a coffee from Roots and Vines.

Finally, when I got my second wind, I hot-footed it through Chinatown -- buying a bag of navel oranges on the way -- and walked over to Greenwich Village to see the movie "Gomorrah." I've been hearing a lot of buzz about it, and it was good, but literally nothing happy occurs in the entire movie. It's one long downer from one end to the other. So if you go see it, be prepared.

Fortunately, the evening was still perfect when I left the theater and walked to K-Mart to buy cereal, and then went home. Ah, spring!

(Photos: Forsythia and a blooming tree in Chelsea this weekend.)


  1. I'd be curious as to how many miles you walk in a day like this. You make it sound like those things are just right around the corner, but this is NYC where it's often a long way from one corner to the next.

    Anyway, I'm glad you had such a nice day out and about.

  2. I'm sure I walk a few miles, but actually in lower Manhattan things are quite close together. Above Houston Street the city spreads out a bit, but even at its widest point, Manhattan island is only about two miles across.

  3. It sounds like a perfect day to me, too. There's a diner in Portland Oregon called the Cup and Saucer, too, a wonderful little place.

    It makes me happy to imagine you wandering through your city, reading your book, taking pics, having vanilla shakes (yum)!

  4. Glad your weather has turned nice.

  5. Perfect day, indeed.
    There's no feeling quite like springtime in Mahahattan, is there? :)