Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was walking to work yesterday when I came upon this wisteria vine, growing up the facade of this town house. I happened to be wearing a shirt almost the exact same color as the blossoms, so I felt like I belonged there, standing beneath it, breathing in its light perfume.

Yesterday evening I walked over to the Verizon store near my house to get a cell phone battery. Turns out they don’t carry the battery, because my phone is too old (about 3 years). And if I did buy a battery, it would cost $49 -- almost double the cost of a new phone if I renewed my Verizon contract.

So, of course, I got a new phone. But I did it only under duress, and I told the guy I wasn’t happy about it. This is why the world’s landfills are filling up with e-waste. My existing phone was fine -- it just had a dead battery. So frustrating!


  1. They are made to wear out in a year or two. My phone is seriously antique - maybe four years old. Secretly I can't wait to upgrade to a Blackberry so I can read blogs inbetween clients at work, but I won't do it till my old phone gives up the ghost.

    I love the way you are looking UP these days, at least to take pics. You are checking out the big picture. Awesome!!

  2. Get an iPhone! I'm totally addicted. I said good riddance to my last cell phone. I can do everything electronic with this tiny wafer that fits in my pocket. Amazing!

    I can imagine you standing in your wisteria-colored shirt looking up at that beautiful flowering vine. Great orientation of that shot!

  3. wisteria is so, well it and I'd love to see you in your wisteria colored shirt!

    re cellphones, it is all just one big scam!

  4. I had a similar cell phone experience. Mine has taken to intermittant chirping, but works just fine otherwise. When I took it for repair, I, too, was told I needed to get a new one. The fella even offerend one for free, and acted all offended when I told him 'no thanks'. 'But this is two years old!' he said. As if that makes a difference. I guess I'll just have to settle for being a luddite.

  5. Cellphone companies are the new car salesmen.

  6. gorgeous wisteria, i love it

    bet you look good in a shirt that colour

  7. Well, the blessing of the wisteria is a reminder of why we need to celebrate any touch of magic in our day, most of which come from nature.