Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Night Out

I met up with my friend Dan on Thursday for an after-work drink. We went to Splash, a popular gay bar and dance club in Chelsea with a pretty lively happy hour. And, imagine, our after-work drink turned into a crazy night of dancing. We were out until midnight, with no dinner, grooving on the dance floor! (Do people still groove, or am I showing my age?)

I had a ball! I haven't been dancing for years, and yesterday morning after I got to work my legs were aching something terrible. Apparently Stairmaster does not fully prepare the muscles for dance-floor grooving, because they didn't know what hit them.

I'm back in East Brunswick this weekend -- Dave and I took the dogs over to our bagel place this morning and now we're off to find some street art downtown!

(Photo: Bushwick, Brooklyn, May 2009.)


  1. That sounds like a blast. Don't ask me if you can still groove or not. I'm older than you but I think groovin is groovin, no matter what age you are.

    Very fun. You're really living it up these days, Steve. Bravo!

  2. You can definitely groove at any age! Dancing is undoubtedly one of the best exercises you can get and one of the few that is actually fun.

    Enjoy a NY bagel for me as I salivate (assuming NJ bagels are as good as those across the river).

    We're about to check out what Motown has for breakfast.

  3. I have been groove-challenged all of my life.