Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nothing Special on Tuesday

I finally got back to the Zendo last night, which felt a bit like coming home after a long absence. Even though many people are at our upstate retreat at this time of year, and much of our equipment is there as well, the space feels just as soothing as ever.

I hadn’t been to the Zendo for about two months, and the last few weeks have been particularly intense, so I really needed to sit. It was nice to just rest my mind and watch the world go by in each breath. I also served as the jikido, or timekeeper, and it was encouraging to see that my skills on the bells and han haven’t slipped! (Kinda like riding a bicycle, I guess.)

Other than that, looks like it’s going to be just another week on E. 29th Street. I’m still plowing my way through DVDs of “Arrested Development,” which is a hoot, and I’ve just started reading Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs and Steel,” and it’s already fascinating. Armenia is doing well despite my frequent absences in New Jersey -- she’s lying on my stomach now, purring.

One unfortunate note: My garlic died. I think the soil where I planted it was too wet. It rotted before it could really grow. I went out to check on it one day and it was like a horror movie, surrounded by black worms. Aack!

(Photo: Commuter train to New Jersey, July 2009)


  1. There is something very calming about a good sit. Glad you rediscovered it.

    Maybe you should plant an avocado seed. They are hearty and beautiful plants.

    I thought of you as I canceled a weekend meditation retreat this week. I'm just not ready to devote that much time right now.

  2. “Guns, Germs and Steel” is a great book.

    How do you kill garlic? Stray cats pee on mine and it won't die!

  3. B: I used to plant avocados all the time when I lived in Florida. The trees are beautiful. Unfortunately, they wouldn't last long here in NYC!

    UD: I'll mail you some of those black worms. Your garlic will be a nightmarish writhing mass in no time!