Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bicycle Riding

I took the bike out this morning and had a good ride, winding through suburban neighborhoods for about an hour. Bike riding is the best way to learn the layout of a town, I've found. I usually ride for a while, paying attention to street signs, and then retrace my route later on a map. (Or, in this case, on my handy iPhone!) I feel like I know a lot more about East Brunswick after riding the past few weekends.

The weather was great, too. All week the forecasters have been projecting rain, and I've been holding off on going to the city because of it. But it's never rained. I suppose I should learn something from that.

Yesterday Dave and I went to the local Fine Arts Festival, an art show held around the "municipal pond," as it's affectionately known. My photos are here. Check out that woman with the fingernails!

And today we're going with our friend Bill to New Jersey Pride, down in Asbury Park. I'm hoping we continue to beat the rain!

(Photo: Who says a garbage dumpster can't be pretty?)


  1. So you are beginning to get your feet planted on the New Jersey landscape. This is good. I salute you.

    We had one quick rainstorm today. It's still humid, but about 20 degrees cooler than it has been. Yay!!

  2. For the life of me, I can't figure out why anyone would want fingernails (real or artificial) like the woman was displaying. Gross!

    I really love exploring on a bicycle. I haven't had the nerve to get back on my bike since I broke my hip last year, but I've set July 18 as my target date. We're going to spend that week at Chautauqua and I'm planning to rent an old-fashioned girl's bike to get around the "campus". I'm probably much safer on a bike than walking!

  3. Nothing like a bike for sightseeing.

    Those nails are gross. I've suspected that people who do these kinds of odd things are starved for attention.