Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A few months ago, Dave and I bought some lush, colorful hydrangeas at Shop-Rite and put them on our balcony. One was bright pink and the other the standard dusky blue. They looked great for weeks and weeks, but eventually, as all hydrangeas do, they began going to seed. The flowers got dry and faded; the leaves began to curl and brown at the edges.

Dave wanted to throw them out, but I just couldn't do it. They were still alive, with green buds and leaves and thick stems. They looked pretty ragged, but I wanted to give them a chance.

We asked our apartment complex if we could put them in the ground in front of our building. Control freaks that they are, the managers said no. Yesterday we planted them anyway. (Come and get us, managers!) We'll see if they survive. I'll help them out with occasional watering.

Last night Dave and I went to a Drum Corps International show in Trenton. Like my first DCI show, this one impressed me with the precision of the marching and music. I still think it's weird that they throw around fake guns, though.

Somehow I didn't notice last year that DCI groups are all brass, drums and color guard. There are no woodwinds and even no trombones. Dave says this is because the groups grew out of a bugle corps tradition. Seems like they'd want to add more instruments to achieve a greater variety of sound.

(Photo: Cat stencil in SoHo, two weeks ago. I miss my cat!)


  1. I'm glad you planted them anyway. What nazis. That's why I live in the country - no one to control my bizzaro whims. (Not that yours were). I am sorry you lost your cat. Last Saturday my old-man Scat, who was 17 and had kidney disease for a year, finally died. It was horrible. We built a funeral pyre in the backyard (see?) and cremated can read my post "RIP, 'Roo"

    We have four now - three in the house and one in the studio. it's not fair they don't live as long as we do. Now I suspect you are afraid a 'crazy cat lady' has found your blog...

  2. I am also in the "Crazy Cat Lady Club" I have three and they drive me nuts...

    If you want one or two, arrangements can be made...

    Glad to see your rebellious streak is alive and well and rooted outside and that you are finding new things to enjoy!

  3. No trombones AND no woodwinds! Very one-dimensional sound.

  4. I hope the hydrangeas thrive! They are perennials so they could be around for a long time. Mine come back bigger and better every year.

    Long live the memory of Armenia the Cat! Has it been a year?

  5. I love hydrangeas, but they are mostly a house plant here. Too hot.

    My son was in drum corps for several years and we trekked around the country after him. I was even a corps dad for a couple of years. I have probably seen a hundred shows and ten times that in rehearsals.

  6. Good luck with the hydrangeas. They might need a prune in a while. I'm breaking all the OC rules in the garden now I have quit the committee. Growing potatoes no less!! Most people around my apartment wouldn't know what a potato looks like if they don't see it in the supermarket...

    Ms Soup

  7. Hydrangeas like cool morning sun for about 6 hours and damp soil, but not too wet. Only pruning needed is removing spent flowers.. they don't always survive the winter in zones 5 and less, but if you got something hardy like Endless Summer or Forever & Ever they should be fine...and grow to about 4' x 4'! :-) (/homo gardening tips)