Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This is part of the front wall of a cool, colorful tiled building on U.S. 1 near Princeton. We've driven past it many times and I've always thought it would make a great photography project. So yesterday I finally drove over there and spent some time wandering around the outside. I've got a set of photos here.

The building seems to be in pretty bad shape -- I'm not sure renovation or restoration is possible. (It may be full of asbestos, too, given the era.) It's just another one of many common commercial structures that were built in the mid-century and then abandoned and disrespected. A shame!

I wonder if the architect/designer intended to emulate Mondrian?


  1. The conchita looks great in her new location. Wow. So much smoke film that you couldn't even tell what color the frame was? That's scary!

    The building does look Mondrian-ish. Very cool.

  2. yes! completely mondrianesque! bet there is a flickr group out there for such shots/buildings

  3. I'm always saddened by abandoned buildings. Even more so by seeing a perfectly good functional building razed so that a monstrosity can be built. This one looks interesting, something I can't say for most new structures.

  4. fascinating photos. but what was the building used for? amazing that such a beauty has been just abandoned.