Friday, June 18, 2010

Computer Fatigue

So far this morning, I've spent 3 hours on the computer. I've uploaded to Flickr, written numerous e-mails, written and uploaded a post to my news blog, and managed a few other small tasks.

Yesterday, I spent all morning on the computer. I uploaded to Flickr, paid my credit card bill, filled out my invoice for my freelance job, did some stuff on the news blog, applied for a job. Ironically, when Dave asked me later what I'd done that day, I had trouble remembering -- but I sure spent time doing it!

I thought not having a full-time job would liberate me from the keyboard. But no way!

On a happier note, Dave and I went to a dinner last night for one of his coworkers, who is retiring. It was a fun event, but I had to slip out after a couple of hours to cover this talk for my news blog. It was interesting, but not very linear -- driven mainly by questions from the audience. It was a challenge to mold it into a coherent article.

(Photo: Graffiti on an advertisement in the subway, on Tuesday.)


  1. There is no escape from keyboards anymore. Absolutely no way. Resistence is futile. I surrender.


  2. Seems like you did a bunch of work to me.

  3. We are inextricably linked to our keyboards, probably forever! Probably not such a good thing, but a reality.