Friday, June 4, 2010


It's been a slow news period here in East Brunswick. Yesterday I actually wrote a post for the news blog about chicory. Not that chicory isn't interesting, but it's hardly a local issue for most people.

Dave's spring band concert was Wednesday night, and it went well. The students have improved so much during the past year, and even since the winter concert in January. I can see how teachers get jazzed at seeing their students grow and develop. Anyway, the tension level around here should diminish now that the concert is past!

I still haven't gone into the city this week. The weather forecasts have been iffy, and I just haven't been motivated. I've been really busy with the news blog, looking for jobs, the gym and stuff around the house. I keep telling Dave, "How did I ever have time for a full-time job?!"

We have a huge, hideous art print of Sydney, Australia, that we're trying to sell. Dave's former partner bought it years ago and neither of us like it, but it cost about $400 to frame so we hate to just give it away. I listed it yesterday on eBay, and I put it on Craigslist, too. I certainly hope I find a local buyer; if someone far away wants it and insists on shipping, I'm taking it to the UPS store and letting them handle it. It's too big and cumbersome for me to pack.

(Funny side note about eBay: I had an ancient eBay account that I hadn't used in years, attached to an equally ancient PayPal account. Before listing the Sydney print, I had to update all my account info in both places. You would not BELIEVE how long it took. I even had to call customer service at PayPal. I'm beginning to think it would have been worth it to just give Sydney away!)

(Photo: Chicory growing on the roadside near our apartment.)


  1. Dennis has no chicory issues. Dennis has chipmunk issues though.

  2. My husband drinks Teeccino, a fake coffee drink, that contains loads of chicory. It smells vile to me, but he says he likes it and it gives him a lot of energy.

    Good luck with selling Sydney. There's usually someone out there who wants to buy whatever you are selling.

  3. Yes, I can see why you want to get rid of that Sydney print.....

    Good luck.

    Ms Soup