Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After my recent post about the impossibility of photographing fireflies, my friend Kevin suggested I try to shoot them using a tripod and the manual settings on my camera.

I'd been thinking about buying a tripod. But fortunately Dave already had one -- a mini-tripod that he used with his own point-and-shoot digital camera. Last night, I screwed my camera onto Dave's tripod and went out to the field behind our apartment.

Unfortunately, there weren't many fireflies around. The field has been mowed, and it's also been bloody hot the past few days -- maybe these factors diminished their activity. The few shots I took of fireflies alone turned out muddy and unfocused, with faint green blurry dots or streaks. (How does one focus a camera in pitch darkness, anyway?)

So I turned the camera lens on our apartment building, and got some cool shots. This one includes a few fireflies, visible as green streaks. I like how the lights in my neighbors' windows blaze as brightly as suns. In a larger resolution (click photo), there's more detail to the building, the trees and the grass, and the stars are visible in the sky.


  1. Love that purple sky. Very cool!

    Firefly season is over with here in DC. They may have moved on up there as well. Maybe next year?

  2. Very cool photo even without an abundance of fireflies. Don't you wish you knew what these comments in some other language said?

  3. awesome photo. very moody, and yet not. love your comment about lights burning as brightly as suns, too.

  4. Pigeons, butterflies, birds, bees and fireflies...you certainly have an abundance there, and the purple sky is fabulous, too.

    Glad you are well and happy.

  5. I wonder if the purple sky is a regular feature in your neck of the woods. Out here we have a lot of dust in the air and our sunsets are more red.