Monday, June 7, 2010

New Jersey Pride

Dave and I went with our friend Bill to the New Jersey Pride festivities in Asbury Park yesterday. We had a great time, wandering around the fenced area that held all the vendors and performers, although it was bloody hot and the band that was playing at the time was pretty intolerable. When we'd had enough we fled to a nearby air-conditioned bar called Georgie's and had a couple of beers, then walked down to the boardwalk and along the beach. (But not on the beach, because it costs $5 to get access to the sand, a fact that I find remarkable and kind of offensive.) We bought some ice cream cones and then had a glass of wine at Watermark, a popular bar with a beautiful ocean view.

It's funny that New Jersey's Pride events are so early in June. (Photo highlights here. I even got in a few pictures of New Jersey street art along the way!) I suppose they don't want to compete with New York's, which are always held on the last Sunday of the month.

We had dinner at a Spanish restuarant called Bistro Ole (Flash-heavy Web site here), which I really enjoyed. I had a roasted chicken dish with raisins and tomato over rice. Loved it!

Happy early Pride, everyone!


  1. That's really a sign of the times when you have to pay to walk on the beach. Does $5 buy you unlimited access for a day?

    Sadly pretty soon, they may pay tourists to walk on the beaches where I grew up. Instead of being the "World's Most Beautiful Beaches", they are going to be littered with tar balls and probably unrecognizable.

  2. Wow, what a picture. He's almost kind of scary looking in a patriotic ya-gotta-love-it kind of way.

    $5 to get access to sand? I would find it offensive, too.

    Happy Pride to you!! xx