Friday, January 27, 2012

Chips and Shards

In case you're curious to see the stuff I've found beachcombing at Bankside on the Thames, here it is. The clay tubes are from single-use smoking pipes, which as I understand it are at least 100 years old. (I suppose picking them up back then would be like picking up cigarette filters today! Bleah!)

The pottery is an assortment of earth-colored stoneware and finer dinnerware. Again, I have no idea how old any of it is, but I'm guessing based on the decorations it's about 100 years old, maybe a little more. And the glass is just a mix of interesting shards -- the bottle neck has a seam, so it was manufactured rather than blown, and that piece of stemware looks fairly recent. But all the sharp edges have been worn down, so who knows?


The Bug said...

Ooh fascinating! I love that blue & white stuff (willow ware? I have no idea). Mike had a set of Currier & Ives dishes in a blue & white pattern similar to that. I would love to pull those out & use them every now & then, but goodness where in the world ARE they right now?

Reya Mellicker said...

Gorgeous! It's so sculptural. Very cool.

Will you hang on to these bits?

Barbara said...

Wouldn't you love to know the history of each one of those pieces? I've always contended the stories about the things we leave behind are far more interesting than the things themselves.