Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I took another marathon walk yesterday, an 8-mile trek through Kensington to Fulham Palace on the Thames, historically the home of the Bishop of London. That wasn't my destination when I started out -- it's just where I ended up.

As usual, I took lots of photos, like the one above of a used furniture store on North End Road. I found yet another street market in that area, with vegetables and all sorts of other items for sale. London has a surprising number of outdoor markets, especially given the season! What with going to Borough Market twice last week, Portobello Road on Wednesday and now this one, I think I'm marketed out.

I found lots of interesting storefronts, like this unforgettable gem, as well as both "USA Nails" and "American Top Nails and Tan." Interesting how Americans are so readily associated with nail and tanning salons.

I wandered along Lillie Road, where there is a pub named after the actress Lillie Langtry. Despite exhaustive Googling, I can't find any information on the source of the name of the road, so I'm not sure whether it's named for Langtry or predates her. That's the first question in a really long time that I've been utterly unable to answer using the Internet.

I briefly visited Fulham Palace, just long enough to get a sense of the place and have a coffee and some apple cake in the cafe. (By this time it was past noon, and I hadn't brought any lunch with me!) I then hoofed it back via Hammersmith and Shepherd's Bush, and got home about 3 p.m. A nice day out!


The Bug said...

I love Manny Thanks - I wonder if it's a misspelling or the proprietor's name. When I was in Lusaka there was a restaurant called Trashie's - we always wondered if they MEANT to call it that. The owner's daughter was named Trisha so we suspected a typo :)

Elizabeth said...

That first photo is WONDERFUL!

Ms.M said...

Adore the mix matched chair colors. They actually look good together. Nice shot.

Ms. M