Thursday, January 19, 2012

Misty Market Day

On Wednesdays, particularly when it's damp and wintry, Portobello Road is transformed. It's not the impassable horde of foreign tourists that it becomes on Saturdays.

It's a market for locals, where people pass the time eating lunch outside a takeaway shop...

...or snoozing on a delivery truck...

...or having coffee at Coffee Republic.

A few stray shoppers check out the bright scarves, inexpensive pajama pants and London souvenir t-shirts.

The produce vendors, amid everything from potatoes and onions to pomegranates and lychee nuts, have time for some friendly banter.

A Japanese camera crew seizes an opportunity to stage a fashion shoot on the relatively empty street.

And the market recharges, getting ready for another crowded Saturday.

This is the photo essay I shot yesterday for my photography class. We had to include photos of five different types: an establishing shot that tells the overall story (top), a detail shot (pomegranate), a portrait (the woman through the scarves), a "moment" (the sleeping man, the man with the coffee) and a relationship shot (the women walking together, the produce sellers, the Japanese camera crew).


  1. Great montage, Steve! And the pomegranate is fantastic! I hope you frame that --

  2. Fantastic.

    I don't see foreign tourists, just the suburbans, at Eastern Market on the weekends. It's hard to share a beautiful space with foreigners!

    Ah, those Virginia suburbans aren't really foreigners are they?

  3. What a fun assigment! Boy, if I were to do it it would look ENTIRELY different. I guess that's the fun of it.

  4. Great job! You've accomplished your assignment and given me a mini-vacation all at the same time.

  5. What a great assignment. I enjoyed reading it.

    Ms. M