Saturday, February 8, 2014

Neighborhood 'Artworks'

Art is all around us here in Notting Hill...

Take bead-curtain Mona Lisa, for example. I've photographed her before, but the other day her beads were hanging perfectly straight, fully revealing her in all her glory. It's interesting that she is a mirror-image of Leonardo's Mona Lisa. Maybe the curtain maker didn't want to infringe on Leonardo's copyright -- or The Louvre's? Or is she simply hanging inside-out?

Yesterday morning this huge image of Bob Marley was lying in our parking lot, probably driven there from parts unknown by the night's high winds. The maintenance man seemed unamused. He hauled it away minutes after I took this picture from our balcony.

Until recently, this saucy African or Caribbean market lady watched me walk past each morning on my way to work. Then she suddenly disappeared. I think her window box was replanted and she moved to another, less prominent perch on her balcony.


  1. I have the Mona Lisa answer! After facing one direction for centuries, she decided to turn the other cheek. :)

  2. Mona Lisa is probably facing the correct way on the other side.
    Either way, she is lovely as was the little possible Santeria Priestess.

  3. those beads are painted in the round. the people inside see her correctly. I have one of those bead curtains but mine has a topless hawaiian hula dancer playing a ukelele with a lei of flowers placed strategically over her breasts. The grandkids thought it was scandalous when they were little. Now they don't even notice it.

  4. I love these! And I believe it was the great Bob Marley's birthday yesterday, so perhaps that's why he was floating about?

  5. Lynne: I'm trying to figure out how to convey the two-drumbeats-and-a-cymbal-crash in writing, but I can't. :)

    Ms Moon: Aren't they great?

    Ellen: I wondered about the beads and how they're painted. It's really pretty amazing!

    Elizabeth: I did not know that! I bet that IS the reason...maybe he was left over from a Bob Marley Birthday Bash!