Monday, February 10, 2014

Olga the Celebrity

I took Olga to the park on Saturday, as usual, and this time I didn't even take my camera. It felt wonderful to be blissfully unencumbered and able to just play with the dog and wander. (I took these photos the weekend before, but they could just as well be from Saturday -- once again we had mostly sunny weather and Olga got quite muddy.)

She amused everyone with her squirrel-hunting antics. Crouching stock-still with her tail straight out behind her, then darting forward, all with that ridiculous Kong protruding from her mouth -- people stopped in their tracks to watch, and laugh, and take pictures. Olga is a star.

We heard a huge clamor coming from the park's southwest corner, and when we went to check it out, we found people shouting and drinking and wearing perplexing costumes. Turns out it was a celebration of Waitangi Day, commemorating -- as you know, if you read about our recent pub quiz -- the 1840 treaty that made New Zealand part of the British empire. Drunk kiwi alert!

On Sunday morning Dave departed for China, leaving me and Olga to fend for ourselves this week. (Lentils and salmon, both of which Dave dislikes or can't eat, are on the menu.) I enjoyed a very quiet day yesterday while I caught up on my reading, but it felt a little lonely too, I must admit. I'll join Dave this coming Friday, when my work week is complete!


  1. Cal has been amusing me lately with his tendency to drop down at random to roll in the snow. I am happy to read that Olga is a star. Dogs deserve attention.

    You are going to China?

  2. Olga has so much personality! Of course she's a star!

  3. I make salmon when my man is gone too!

  4. I used to love eating all the foods my ex husband hated when he was out of town. Funny.

    Olga should be a star! She is magnificent.

  5. Olga is a Rock Star...above all others.
    I love salmon too, i am alone, so i can eat whatever i want, when i want. there are perks to being single :0)

  6. I think Olga gets more exercise than most dogs who have their own yard to romp in. You two are good parents! I bet you are excited to go to China.

  7. Since we are self employed and work together, we rarely have time apart so when we are apart, I thoroughly enjoy it. But I'm always glad when we are together again.

  8. Olga is such a cutie, it's no wonder people stop to take her photo. Bella is right there with her regarding the squirrels. She almost caught one the other day.
    If you like, take a look at this funny video of a "pet" squirrel trying to bury a nut in a Bernese Mtn dog's fur (my kind of dog!)

    Are you getting excited about China? I'll be curious to see what you think. Rick says the Great Wall was amazing.

  9. I always think I'll have a blast if Mike is out of town, but then I'm quickly bored with my own company. I guess it's good that we like to have our men around :)