Monday, April 7, 2014

Back to Thamesmead

When we were in South London on Saturday, our bus swept past this stop. I was sitting on the upper deck and I had the surreal sensation of being enveloped in a pink cloud. I saw the dirt pile out the window, the bleak industrial landscape, and imagined how the bus stop must look, with that lone pink tree standing sentinel.

I could not get that image out of my head.

So yesterday, after I took Olga to the park and as I prepared to run errands to get ready for our departure for the Seychelles today, I decided I had to go back to South London and get a picture of that tree, that bus stop. It haunted me. And I couldn't wait, because the tree would stop blooming soon -- it was now or never.

So that was my afternoon yesterday -- a tube ride, another tube ride and then a bus ride back to North Greenwich, and I am so happy with the results. I love that picture. I didn't count on the beautiful, windswept shape of the tree, which makes it all the better.

As long as I was down there, I thought I'd go on to Thamesmead, as was my original plan on Saturday. So I did, getting off the bus and wandering through a landscape of urban Brutalist architecture interspersed with big, grassy park spaces.

No one ever told me there would be horses wandering around Thamesmead. But there are. That was a surprise.

I didn't try to find specific movie locations for either "A Clockwork Orange" or "Beautiful Thing," both of which were filmed here. But I got a general sense of the settings, seeing the buildings up close and wandering through their maze-like courtyards, labyrinthine outdoor corridors and forbidding ground-level car parks.

I actually like the architecture, though the buildings are showing their age.

This morning Dave and I have to pack and get ourselves out of here. The dog is already at her boarding quarters. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to blog from the Seychelles but I'll try. If not, I'll catch you up when we return in about a week!


  1. I love the photo of the pink tree. It was well worth another trip south to capture it. I'm guessing that as I am typing this that you have already arrived at your sunny destination. Have a great time.

  2. Loving your photos all of them, the building has a great sense of humour. Have a great , realaxing time.

  3. Fot some reason that dirt pile reminds me of the Great Gatsby, and that tree is sublime, a reminder of the beauty that exists everywhere if we just train ourselves to look for it. Have a wonderful vacation!

  4. Wow -- to all of your photos here -- a particularly enthusiastic and awed wow, at that!

    Safe travels to you and Dave --

  5. You were within a stone's throw of the film locations you mention, but the Beautiful Thing one is now a pile of rubble like the one you photographed, and that doubled as part of the backdrop of the lake where the famed scene of Clockwork Orange was made as well. The area is under a lot of regeneration work which should improve it but it is destroying some of the more unique elements.

  6. The picture of the tree is very nice. Have fun.