Thursday, April 24, 2014

Houseplant Drama

I have very little to say today. I was exhausted when I got home from work last night, and fortunately no one called in sick, so Dave and I got to watch a couple of episodes of "The Good Wife" before falling into bed. We didn't even eat a real dinner -- I just had a peanut butter sandwich and some celery sticks. It felt good to let my system cleanse itself after the indulgence of the night before.

Our avocado is growing ever bigger in its new pot, even as it drops its older, edge-browned leaves. The new leaves are coming in fresh and green and without brown patches, so whatever went wrong after I repotted it appears to have subsided. (Fingers crossed!)

Our horseradish has been cursed with a heavy dose of aphids this spring. It got so bad that I diluted some dish soap in water and sprayed the plant, washing the aphids off the leaves with my fingers. I've done that twice now, and it seems to help a lot. The leaves are a bit misshapen because those bugs are sucking the life out of them. I did see a ladybug on the balcony the other day, so perhaps they're coming to the rescue. (I'm trying to minimize my aphid-washing to let other critters do their thing.)

(Photo: A dandelion in Wormwood Scrubs, last weekend.)


37paddington said...

Your attention to these things is a moving meditation.

Lynne said...

What a beautiful photo! I can't believe your dandelions have come and gone already when ours haven't even shown their faces yet.

Linda Sue said...

lady bugs to the rescue...that is what I though as well when our birch tree was covered in ladybugs and our nasturtiums were covered in aphids, I though it might balance out. The aphids won. I will not be planting nasturtiums again.
Your "dinner" is much like ours EVERY night...not very exciting.