Thursday, April 17, 2014


Olga arrived home last night, and promptly did what she always does when she comes home from the kennel -- ate a big bowl of food and fell fast asleep. We always joke that they must not feed her there! I suspect that when she's away from home she neither eats nor sleeps completely normally, being in a less familiar environment.

While Olga came back safe and sound, her trademark pink harness did not. Apparently it got filthy on one of her walks (easy to imagine), the kennel staff removed it, and it somehow got thrown away. That's the story, anyway. The guy who brought her home offered to pay for it, but we'd already intended to get her a new one, so I told him not to worry about it. I can walk her for now using her collar, but I do think she probably needs a harness -- she's been known to wiggle out of that collar in moments of great excitement ("Cat! CAT!") and I wouldn't want her streaking away from me and into London traffic.

As for me, I stayed awake all day yesterday, despite having slept only about 20 minutes on our flights. (I can't sleep on airplanes, and I've never understood how anyone can -- though I can see how it might be easier for people who aren't 6'2.) I did laundry, which I have been looking forward to for days. I hate carrying around a bag full of clothes steeped in salt water, sweat and sunblock.

Dave made boeuf bourguignon, and we watched some Star Trek.

Someone asked about the beach glass -- here's the only piece I kept, the sloped and cracked neck of a bottle. All the glass I found was basic green or brown bottle glass, in varying shades, and I left most of it behind on the beach, piled beneath a tree for whoever wants it. I really try to bring back a minimum of stuff whenever I travel. I don't want to load up the house with souvenirs.

I kept these shells, too. They're just like shells I would have bought as a kid in those baskets of assorted shells from cheap Florida gift shops -- like Stuckey's, maybe -- and so different from shells we'd find on any beach in the Sunshine State. They seem exotic, even now.

Today means more laundry, and catching up in blogland and finishing the book I'm now reading, "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier (who, by the way, is not a man). Olga and I will probably also renew our acquaintance with the park.


  1. Ah. Shells and a waterworn bottle. Beautiful.
    Poor Olga! She looks stressed out. I'm sure she'll recover quickly.
    Are you glad to be home? I know you will be truly when you can get the laundry done, catch up on your sleep, get things all set right again.
    I love that book.
    Glad you're home, Steve.

  2. love when you go on vacations, it feels like we go along with you.
    Olga...she is the cutest dog!

  3. I would have brought home the beach glass, and the shells, and probably a bunch of other stuff too. I read Rebecca many many years ago.

  4. Olga looks so cute all snuggled up on her bed.

  5. My dogs sleep and sleep whenever they get back from the kennel. I think there is so much stimulus with the other dogs there they don't get much rest. She looks very cozy!

    Sea glass -- that was me. We picked some up when we were in Panama and on one of the bag checks (they actually go through your bag right in from of you) one guy questioned why we had "trash" in our suitcase. He called our beautiful sea-worn glass trash! What nerve. He wanted to toss it and we told him to please not to.

    I recorded the movie Rebecca a few weeks back and have been saving it to watch. So good -- both the book and the movie.

  6. I never sleep on planes either -- I think it's because when you nod off and then wake up, you feel horrendous?

    Also, I JUST finished listening to "Rebecca" -- haven't read it since my teenage years -- but it was such a great listen. All that melodrama -- "Mistah DaWintah" read in a British voice was both hilarious and wonderful.

  7. I've got a bracelet made from Lake Erie "sea" glass - lovely trash in my opinion!