Monday, April 28, 2014

Drag Queens of Paris

Reya and I saw these lovely ladies of street art while walking in the Marais on Saturday.

Reya's initial reaction to the pieces was negative -- the exaggerated make-up, the pouty expressions. But I argued that the "women" aren't women at all, but drag queens. They're so over-the-top.

Don't you think?

Somehow that makes them better. I'm reminded of the Suzanne Vega song "As Girls Go":

So beautiful
A damsel in distress
Not exactly natural
But stunning nonetheless

Yesterday was travel recovery time. I took Olga to the park and we had a long, long romp, but otherwise we all stayed home and relaxed. I couldn't even read, I was so tired from the day before -- the minute I picked up a book my eyelids began to droop. Hopefully after a good night's sleep I'll be a bit more energetic today!


  1. Oh, yes! Drag queens. The last one looks like Bianca Del Rio.

  2. You nailed it, I do believe. Lovely drag queens.

  3. I agree, drag queens they are and gorgeous ones at that. That last one looks a lot like Joan Crawford!