Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Le Gavroche

I'm a bit bleary-eyed this morning. Last night Dave and I went with our friends Gordon, Donna and Keith to Le Gavroche, a well-known Michelin-starred restaurant in Mayfair. We've been trying to get a table there for a while, and finally -- after some maneuvering -- Gordon was able to get us in. We've had the reservation for weeks, if not months.

A Tuesday night (i.e. a school night) is not the best time for a multi-course meal with wine pairings, but we indulged anyway and of course it was terrific.

I got up in the middle of the night to drink water and take aspirin, and I suppose I'm ready for the workday. If it's anything like yesterday it will be crazy -- I had six people call in sick and ask for subs, and the library was busy as all get-out with people returning mountains of Spring Break reading material. Plus the kids hadn't seen their friends for weeks so they were all wound up.

Fortunately, the school has hired a new sub coordinator, and she is due to start on Monday. So I'll wrap up this week and then overlap a bit with her next week to help her train, and then I'm free of one of my two jobs!

(Photo: Notting Hill, this week. Dave really likes these bushes but we don't know what they're called. Anyone have any idea?)


  1. That bush is spectacular! We have something like it here in Los Angeles, but it's drought-resistant, so I can't imagine they're the same -- Ceanothus?

  2. No idea what that bush is but Elizabeth is right- it is spectacular.

  3. they're gorgeous so I hope someone knows what they are. I wouldn't call them bushes though. they look like trees to me.

  4. Elizabeth -- I did some research and you are right! It IS Ceanothus, which is apparently also known as Concha. I've never seen it before moving here, and it's very popular in London.

  5. Anything with purple flowers I LOVE.
    I know exactly how you feel, I had a multi-course meal at a friend's house Monday night one day after my Easter feast. It was a difficult day at work on Tuesday.
    I've heard of that restaurant and would love to go one day. I am lucky that I did get to experience a meal like that at Charlie Trotters in Chicago. I still find it hard to believe that he passed away at such a young age.

  6. I remember you photographed that tree last spring, too. It's spectacular.

  7. Those trees remind me of my neighbor's wisteria - at least in color & shape of the tree. Pretty!

    I'm glad you're getting a break from job #2 - your life was sounding a bit crazy!