Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Swimming With the Fishes

I found this aquatically-themed Chevy van while walking in an East London neighborhood called Becontree on Sunday. Aside from the reefscape on the side, it has a jumping dolphin on the tire cover, American flags flying from its antennae, a "Waikiki Beach" license plate and, strangely, two Confederate flags on the back bumper.

I have no idea what any of this means, especially in London, where we are about as far from tropical fish, Waikiki and the Confederacy as possible. Waikiki and the Confederacy are pretty far from each other, as a matter of fact.

Things are a bit slow around here for the moment. Teachers are having conference meetings with parents yesterday and today at school, so there are no classes and few students. Library business is down precipitously. I'm using the opportunity to put the shelves back in order, but man, that is hard on the knees -- all the kneeling and standing and bending and crouching!


  1. It looks as though that van owner has proudly embraced all kinds of aspects of being an Amurican.
    And little does the public realize how physical library work can be.

  2. Wow! I love it.

    If I ever have a car again (not likely) I will have someone paint something on it. I would love to drive the Taj Mahal volkswagon.

  3. Well, you could go to a meeting of United Cruisers and find out what this is all about.
    Although no one has posted there for two years.

    I keep dreaming that I'm somehow on the floor or ground in a crouching position and I cannot stand up and it's just horrible. Fear of aging, I guess. Protect those knees!

  4. I've always wanted to paint my car with flowers and stuff but Marc doesn't even like bumper stickers on cars. now that he bashed in the side of the truck, maybe I'll sneak a flower on it.

  5. well, That is one strange vehicle! Just catching up with you and your posts! Want to comment on all but am jet lagged to the max- weather not conducive to being cheerful either...Love your photos! magnificent!!

  6. Marty: Amurican, indeed!

    Reya: I love it too! It made my morning.

    Ms. Moon: I found that Facebook page, too! It looks more or less defunct, though. Unless you have to be a member to see more current posts...?

    Ellen: I say go for it! In fact, if he bashed the car, you're entitled to whatever paint job you want. Tell him I said so. :)

    Linda Sue: Thanks! I still have to watch the vid you sent me on Facebook. I am SO behind on stuff!

  7. Cool van! But not bright enough for me :) I need to have Ellen come & paint a daisy on my car for me!