Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday Selfie

(I suppose I really should have saved this photo for Sunday!)

As I was waking up this morning, I had a great idea for my blog. And then I fell back asleep. Now I have no idea what my great idea was.

Oh well.

At work, the drive to get items back to the library continues apace. I swept the middle school classrooms yesterday, gathering whatever library books I could find lying around. I found two lost books and a few that were almost certain to be declared lost if I hadn't pulled them from the back of that shelf. I love collecting all our books. It appeals to my sense of neatness and completion.

We only have a week and a half of school left!


  1. That's a cool photo -- so interesting to look at it from all different angles!

  2. I remember that oh-so anticipated finish line waiting for me at the end of weeks of trying to keep the kids from losing their minds before I did!

    And brilliant ideas (soon lost) for writing while half asleep? Been there too many times.

  3. Love the selfie. I predict the great idea will return but you probably won't connect it to the one lost in dreams this morning!

  4. What a brilliant selfie! LOVE it! So interesting in so many ways.

    I do that all the time -- lay in bed and think of a great blog post. I can even form the words and it's perfect. I think to myself "I'll remember in the morning" but I never do. For a while when I was posting a lot I kept a pad and pen by the bed and would jot ideas down and sometimes even write the entire blog post when it came to me.

  5. I hate when that happens. fortunately for me, I remember the idea I had last night.

  6. Sometimes I leave myself little cryptic notes and then I look at them later and go, "Uh. No."
    I love that picture. Now THAT is a classy selfie!

  7. I love that selfie. If the Design Museum is 2 minutes away, you must be on the Southbank near Butler's Wharf.