Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Missing Printer Cable, Part 2

We heard from Dave's parents yesterday. They arrived back in the U.S. to find that, lo and behold, they had packed our printer cable in their luggage. They're mailing it back to us.

Other than that, there is literally no news around here. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

(Photo: The sky above St. John's Wood, April 30.)


  1. Hah! You were right! Too funny ...

  2. I do now recall one visit by my daughter and company, and the same thing happened with our phone charger.
    Now before a visit, we re-locate our chargers to remote sites away from their reach.

  3. Haha! It would probably be far cheaper to go buy a new one. But that's so funny.

  4. I remember on a business trip, I thought I left the power cable to my laptop at another office - turns out one of my coworkers had packed it up with her computer when we left. She was pulling her things out of her bag at the next location & I think I might have been a little over-exuberant when I saw it - ha!

  5. When I leave for a few days it seems like five minutes until I look at your blog and then I realize I have indeed been gone! Just catching up with you- (pant -pant). Glad you know where your device's device landed and is being sent back to you! I would vote labour if I could vote there too. Seems that Britain has lost it's bearings! Oh, well, it is a global phenom. Off to read more of your blog now....