Friday, August 28, 2015

All About Pylons

I sat down to blog this morning and instead went on a half-hour tangent reading about the history of the TV show "Land of the Lost," which shows how easily the Internet can distract us. I was trying to remember the word I've heard in England for high-transmission power line towers like the one above -- I believe it's "pylon." And the word pylon reminded me of "Land of the Lost," because those little supernatural structures holding the colored crystals that controlled the time portals in that oh-so-'70s show were called pylons.

So there you have my train of thought. It's scary in my brain. Scary as a Sleestak!

I am off to work early this morning because I'm once again singing in the faculty choir. We are doing a much more loosely prepared song this year to welcome the students. Last year, you may remember, we had several rehearsals. This year we've only had two, and I missed one of them. Fortunately I already know the song, "Lean On Me," so I'm not too worried. ("Lean On Me" is one of my least favorite songs, right up there with "Stand By Me," and I frequently confuse the two. But there you go. Needless to say, I didn't pick it.)

The squirrels still haven't figured out our squirrel feeder. We propped open the lid, and yesterday morning one sat on the open lid and sniffed at the nuts inside -- and then scurried away, startled by a nearby pigeon. I couldn't believe it. The pigeons love the squirrel feeder.

(Photo: The docklands, in July.)


  1. i am with you on the song "Lean On Me"...yuck!!!

  2. singing in a choir is so much fun, though. i can't wait for my choral group to start up again in the fall. the camaraderie, the quirky mix of people, love it!

  3. There are so many worse songs you could be singing. Seriously.

  4. I suspect that the squirrel feeders are made in a factory run by pigeons. They are that clever. Lean on me always reminds me of Tammy Faye and her family, they loved that song. The song I detested most in choir back in the day was "you'll never walk alone" and damned if we didn't sing it every season. URG!The national anthem is also irksome. Terrible songs! I like how your brain works, it is creative!

  5. I LOVED the Land of the Lost! But it came on right before I had to leave for my piano lesson. I was annoyed every Saturday.

    I like Lean on Me because you can just belt that sucker out. It's great for the lungs. Or maybe that's just the version *I* sing :)

  6. Yes. Lean on Me is over-exposed at best and unbearable at worst. Have fun singing, though!