Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Foosball and a Cold Snap

Here's another bit of interesting detritus that Olga and I found on one of our walks. People throw away the darndest things! It's because we all have way, way too much stuff -- far more than we need.

Interestingly, a few days after she and I came across this, I was talking to our friend Mark and he mentioned that he wanted a foosball table.

"Oh," I said, "I know where you can get one cheap!"

Of course it was long gone by that time, and I didn't really expect him to take it anyway. He complained that some foosball tables have three players in the last line rather than one, and how completely inappropriate that is. (Foosball nerds!) This one, at least, looks like a regulation table in that sense.

Thanks to those of you who chipped in with calming words about my basal cell carcinoma. I had no idea this was such a common thing! I'm glad I'm in such good company. I'm sure my skin carries all kinds of sun damage from my years in Florida and Morocco.

There's one picture in particular of me, taken in the late '70s during a vacation to the beach, that just makes me wince every time I see it. I'm smiling and happy and as tanned as George Hamilton. We used to use sunscreen, at least some of the time -- it was this horrible green/brown stuff from a tube that my dad used to call "goose poop" -- but clearly I was absorbing a lot of rays.

Our rescued foxglove is still hanging in there, even growing a bit. I think it's going to be fine, though I want to get it off the kitchen windowsill and into the ground. Maybe this weekend, after our cold snap is past. The celebrity poppies aren't looking so great, but I think two of them are still alive, at least. The sidewalk pavers did indeed strip out all the plants from the area where I rescued them -- so they'd have been toast if I'd left them there. Makes me feel like I accomplished something!

It's 38ยบ F this morning! Nature seems unconcerned, though. A blackbird is in the birdbath as I write, and a blue tit is on the feeder. I guess they're used to this sort of thing.


  1. As I was unaware of the term "foosball", I thought I would look it up for the benefit of other confused visitors (like "e")...

    "...a tabletop version of soccer in which players turn rods fixed on top of a playing box and attached to miniature figures of players, in order to flick the ball and strike it toward the goal."

  2. And here I was, absolutely certain that YP would somehow combine the temperature and the "blue tit" but no, he discussed foosball. It may take those poppies another year to fully become their glorious selves after transplanting them.

  3. looks like someone's whole game room got sent to the curb. someone else must have had a better use for the basement.

  4. YOu're right people have far too much stuff and when they move they can't take it with them so it's thrown away.

  5. That looks like a nearly new foosball table. I can't imagine why they didn't try to sell it. Brrr...38F is way too cold! You had to get the hat and scarf out again for the walk to work, didn't you?

  6. I'll bet someone snapped that table up before the trash folks got it. At least I hope so! I never liked foosball - I was all about air hockey. We even had a small version in our basement.

  7. ha! i loved seeing that picture of you from back in the day! i can see you have always been a light-filled soul!

  8. A blondie!!!

    We used to have a hockey table like that foosball table at my elementary school; I loved it, even though I'm not a hockey fan. It was all about the hand/eye coordination, and THAT I liked, even though I don't think I was much good at it.

    Foosball is one of those words that is just so much fun to say! I hope someone snapped it up before the garbage truck got it.