Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Yep, it's Wednesday

This is one of my colleagues at work, a former faculty member who now teaches as a substitute. He was sitting on the couch in the library reading and I couldn't resist leaping up from my desk like a madman to take this picture. I showed it to him but I'm not sure he saw the humor in it.

Last night I finished a book by Alan Hollinghurst, "The Spell," about a group of gay men living or staying as guests at a country house in southern England. I really like Hollinghurst's writing and I loved some of his other novels (which always have a gay theme), but I was less enthusiastic about this one. For one thing, I disliked almost all the characters. They seemed incredibly shallow and emptily hedonistic -- even the older (and therefore, one would hope, wiser) one. I think it was supposed to be somewhat comedic, but it didn't strike me that way.

Found this walking the dog a few days ago -- a shopping basket containing what appear to be lacy underthings. Disturbing! I didn't look at all closely -- no more so than this, actually.

And last night, on my way home from work, I passed this lying on the sidewalk. It made me think of Ms. Moon and her chickens, so I thought I would blog it to share it with her. It looks like a collaborative project between someone who knew how to color within lines and someone who hasn't yet mastered the technique.

And there you have it -- that's all that's happening in the middle of this cold wintry week!


  1. I like the top picture but if the head had been in proportion with the body behind it it would have been even more effective. Perhaps you should save up the idea and keep a look out for a more effective newspaper or magazine face.

  2. Love the pictures although the basket of underthings could be perceived as a bit disturbing. Maybe someone just set part of their laundry down and forgot. And I'd say that both people working on that chicken picture knew how to color- they just had very different styles.

  3. I love that first photo! I would have snapped that one too. And, that basket of under garments is a disturbing thing to find on the street. That little chicken picture that was so easily discarded will now be enshrined forever on the internet. There is something ironic about that.

  4. Cool photo of the colleague.

  5. Love the photos. You do see some of the coolest and weirdly interesting things there. Here on the central coast of California we are having a crazy winter heatwave. Temps in the high 70s, clear blue skies and hardly a breeze.

  6. it's just underwear. what's disturbing about that?

  7. My dear "ellen", one doesn't flaunt their underwear in the street. Oh, wait, I haven't watched the Kardashians lately.

  8. I like the colleague's picture; too bad he didn't see the humour in it.

  9. Knickers in a basket!
    I prefer chicken in a basket

  10. LOL at John Gray. If they were in good shape & my size I probably would have taken them home & washed them. Ha!

  11. Love that first photo. It’s so fascinating to me how people leave things on garden walls.

  12. YP: Well, we can't have everything, now can we?!

    Ms Moon: Spoken like a true expert on coloring with others of varying styles!

    Sharon: Yeah, I love putting stuff online that might otherwise just disappear. My own little archive!

    Red: Thanks!

    Robin: That may be a crazy heatwave, but it sounds pretty nice right about now.

    Ellen: I don't know, because when you put it like that it seems silly that I should find it disturbing. But I do. It just seems so intimate!

    Catalyst: LOL! So true!

    Jenny-O: I don't think he minded it, but he said it was "a little embarrassing." I don't know what that means.

    John: Me too! (And why would they be in a shopping basket? Again, so weird.)

    Bug: You know, I am all for saving and reusing things, but I draw the line at underwear.

    37P: There is a strong culture of reuse and recycle! It's pretty cool.