Tuesday, March 3, 2020

It's the Apocalypse

This was the sky as I was walking home from the tube yesterday. Eerie, right? Big gray clouds and an explosive nuclear sun slanting in underneath them.

It was kind of cool, but it also felt a little bit like the end of the world, given that I'd just been reading about coronavirus and the fact that Joe Biden might be our next Democratic presidential candidate.

And then, right after I got home...

...more hail! I described it as pea-sized the other day, and I suppose it's really a little smaller than that. You can see it in my foxgloves and on the patio in this photo taken through the blurry living room window.

To quote Yeats, "Surely some revelation is at hand?"

But then the hail melted in a few minutes, and the foxgloves looked fine, and we watched a rerun of "Perry Mason" and had leftovers for dinner, and the world snapped back into focus.


  1. The second photo with the reflection is beautiful.. It is a rather scary sky though!

  2. Eerie indeed... Meantime in cinemas now, Joe Biden stars in "The Second Coming". What a hell of a choice America will have in November. A narcissist with a fake tan and fake hair or a has-been old man muttering platitudes*. America deserves better.

    *Biden not Sanders.

  3. Exceptional photos. And a bit heartbreaking where our minds so easily go in these times. That’s baby pea sized hail.

  4. The Reflection Off The Water So Makes That Shot - Way Cool - Stay Warm And Thanx For Capturing


  5. It may have been eerie, but you got sone awesome shots. My favorite is the one with the reflection in the water. We did not get any hail this year so far, thank God. The weather back home is starting to warm up a bit, but it is gorgeous here in Florida. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. I'm just going to be very pragmatic and state that these photos (especially the second one, as everyone is pointing out) are award-winning.

  7. Beautiful! And I think I'd come to the same conclusion you did. I voted for Elizabeth Warren in the NC primary this morning - fat lot of good it's apparently going to do me. Sigh.

  8. Your sky is a bit eerie but quite normal. It did create some great color for an alert photographer..

  9. I LOVE that first photo! It does have a very eerie feel to it but quite beautiful at the same time. I haven't sent my ballot in yet. I wanted to wait until after today. My choice was Buttigieg and I was a bit sad when he pulled out. Then I thought about Amy K. but then she pulled out. Warren would still be a good choice but I'm afraid for the way things are stacking up now. I'll vote for whoever gets nominated but, I think we could have done so much better. I don't get all the support for Sanders from young people. Are these the same people who keep saying things like "hello boomer"? If they want a revolution, they need a leader who can go the distance. Just sayin'.

  10. it does look like the flash before the mushroom cloud. I looked up the difference between hail and sleet and that might have been sleet since sleet occurs in the winter and hail occurs in the summer according to the article I read.

  11. Your comment on my blog made me laugh out loud. The only thing holding me back was the $1000.00 price tag.

  12. Great sky views and hopefully not symbolic of an Apocalypse, but beautiful regardless.

  13. Love that sky there. So beautiful. We just got back from voting. Ugh. I wish it were more fun than this. Yes, surely some revelation is at hand... I hope.

  14. Those apocalyptic photos certainly make one stop and think. Have I made out my will? Is my life insurance up to date? Wait. If this is the end of the world I won't have anyone to leave stuff to. Oh, drat.

  15. That second shot is gorgeous with the reflection in the water on the ground!

    Ice pellets in your plants! I hope they didn't get too cold. Depends on how fast they melted, I think.

  16. Frances: I wondered what you were seeing up in Harpenden!

    YP: America DOES deserve better, but it so often seems our elections boil down to this -- the lesser of two disappointing options.

    Mitchell: Ha! Le Seuer peas, maybe.

    Padre: It always helps to have a handy puddle!

    Alphie: Sometimes it feels like it -- but at least it would kill the coronavirus!

    Edna: Yeah, I could use some Florida weather right about now!

    Ms Moon: Thank you! It was just such a strange-looking sky.

    Bug: I think in the primary it pays to vote your heart. In the general you gotta bite the bullet.

    Red: Is it normal? It doesn't seem normal to me!

    Sharon: I don't get the fervent support for Sanders, either. I'll support him if he's the guy, but I think he'll scare a lot of people off.

    Ellen: I wondered about that! I asked Dave what sleet is (because being from Florida, I have no idea) and he said it's wetter than that. So I wasn't sure. But yeah, maybe it is sleet.

    Beatrice: It was beautiful in a weird way.

    Robin: Well, a GOOD revelation, hopefully!

    Catalyst: Makes things a lot easier, though!

    Jenny-O: They melted literally within minutes. I barely had time to take photos.

    E: Right?!

  17. That is some sunset! Weirdly, eerily beautiful fire sky.