Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Olga and I found this curious little dial while walking yesterday morning. I wondered what it was. Barometric pressure? Directions to a local bar?

Turns out it's from a gas boiler -- it measures the water pressure in the system. I figured this out only because it looked vaguely familiar and I eventually realized we have one on our own boiler.

So there you have it -- mysteries introduced and solved in two paragraphs, here on Shadows & Light.

It looks like Biden is on a roll in the USA. I'm not thrilled about him, as we all know -- I think he's long in the tooth and prone to embarrassing gaffes, and the Republicans will be harping on about his son and Ukraine for the entire campaign. But I'll still vote for him. He has that magic Obama dust on him, and he'd be a MILLION TIMES better than what we have now. Critical to his momentum will be the selection of a running mate -- same with Sanders, if he winds up the nominee. Dave thinks Stacey Abrams would be a great option. I wonder about Kamala Harris, if she'd do it. Or maybe AOC? That would certainly bait Fox News into a frenzy, but it might appease the "Bernie Bros" who think the establishment is out to sink left-wing candidates.

I put together a "springtime" book display at work. Don't you love my little construction paper flowers? I probably need a few more of them, but it took me long enough to make these 12!

Those are supposed to be delphiniums, bottom right. They look more like a fungus, though. A purple fungus.


  1. You mean that someone pays you to make paper flowers? I wish I could get a job like that. Before too long Biden, Sanders, Trump and Bloomberg will all be making paper flowers in an old folks' residential home. They will all be completely ga-ga. Mind you, Trump's already ga-ga. Amy Klobuchar would make a great VP for Biden. She could push his wheelchair as she waits for a few months to replace him.

  2. Not delphiniums...grape hyacinths!

  3. Oh, I got delphiniums immediately. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Anyone but.... I can’t say his name; my day has been aggravating enough. Directions to that “bar” would be helpful!

  4. Biden is beginning to sound a bit senile but he'd be SO much better than 45. I wish the Dems would get their act together and put forward someone under the age of 70 with a chance of winning.

  5. These days I don't know anything for sure.
    Well, I do know that that is a very cheerful springtime book display.

  6. Outstanding Flowers - Dig That Creative Side


  7. I think your book display is very inviting. And, I love the topics. Birds, animals, nature. You can't miss. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  8. I like your flowers! Very nicely done! I actually went to a friend's house last night to watch the returns. We were all surprised at how well Biden did but, I'm somewhat relieved. I just think a Sanders vs. Trump ticket would ensure a Trump reelection. I don't even want to think about how awful that would be. We also discussed those same options for VP.

  9. I voted for Elizabeth - fat lot of good it did me. Heavy sigh. I just hope that whoever it is WINS.

  10. Hahaha - maybe I'M getting senile because my comment is almost an exact duplicate of yesterday's comment. Sheesh.

  11. The next eight months are going to be election hell. Non-stop insanity. Imagine the coronavirus as the only balance to the otherwise viral mania of politics. That's what we've got. Ugh. The flowers are lovely. Very creative and colorful.

  12. Well, I don't get a vote but I wish Bernie was younger. He would shake things up.

  13. I love your flowers - you're a heck of a lot more creative than I would be, given the same construction paper and scissors. Being an observant gardener probably gives you an edge! lol

    According to the internet gods, a bar is "a unit of pressure defined as 100 kilopascals, and about equal to the atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level". That's my something new learned for today, thank you for that :)

  14. I do love your construction paper flowers. As for Biden, I like both Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris, though I think Abrams would be better. Kamala has some baggage from her days as a prosecutor, but she's make a very fine Attorney General! I also think Julian Castro could be a good choice. I hated to see him leave the race. Then again, this isn't over. Bernie could still prevail. It kills me that Elizabeth Warren isn't doing better. I think she'd be a stellar president.

  15. I'm so upset that Warren has been washed out of contention by Bernie and Biden. Sigh. Of course I'll vote for either one, but they sure as hell better appoint a woman as a vice-president. I love your construction paper flowers -- I envy you your job, to tell you the truth! I fantasize about being a librarian.

  16. YP: Needless to say, either Sanders or Biden would need a younger and preferably female running mate!

    GZ: Spot on!

    Mitchell: Election season definitely promotes bar attendance!

    Jennifer: I know! All these bright young (and young-ish) people out there and this is the best we can do?

    Ms Moon: Cheerful is what I was going for!

    Padre: Ha! Well, they wouldn't win any awards but it kept me busy.

    Edna: Thanks! There's some fiction on there too -- "The Penderwicks in Spring" for example -- but spring-themed fiction books are harder to come by.

    Sharon: I think things could get messy within the Dem party, though. Some of the Sanders fans are not going to take readily to Biden.

    Bug: Ha! That WAS your comment earlier! LOL -- I voted the same way but I don't mind. It shows she has support.

    Robin: Let's ignore politics and coronavirus and admire the fowers instead.

    Red: Warren is essentially a younger Bernie, plus a woman! I don't understand why she hasn't done better.

    Jenny-O: Interesting! And that totally makes sense, given that atmospheric pressure is measured in millibars -- which, I assume, are one-thousandths of a bar.

    37P: Dave says that too -- that Abrams would be better than Harris. I'm also disappointed with the lack of support for Warren. I don't understand it, honestly.

    Elizabeth: Me too! I voted Warren. Being a librarian is pretty awesome, but it has its downside too -- I feel like I'm always scolding people, which honestly isn't my nature. (Honestly!)

  17. I voted for Warren. not happy about either Biden or Sanders. old white men are not the answer. and I'm with YP. you get paid to make paper flowers?