Saturday, March 7, 2020

Olga Cam, Version 2

You might remember that a couple of years ago we installed "Olga cams" in our flat, to keep an eye on the dog while we're away. Well, those cameras stopped working when we got our new Internet router -- somehow they're not compatible with the new technology, and don't ask me why.

So Dave bought a couple of new cameras. This (above) is what I see when I check them on my phone.

On one hand, they're smaller and more mobile than the older ones. That top camera, for example, isn't usually in the bedroom -- I just put it there on this particular day. (And how fortunate I did, because Olga, as you can see, decided to spend the morning in bed!)

But the pictures they produce are much smaller and I'll be darned if I can find a way to enlarge them.

See that little control at lower right -- the one that says "disarmed"? If I tweak that button, it arms the cameras for motion activation. Then it produces an image or a short movie whenever someone or something moves around. I tried it yesterday, and it filmed Olga's dog walker picking her up for her walk. (Almost literally picking her up -- she didn't want to get off the couch.)

And then, because I forgot to turn it off and Dave got home before I did, it filmed about a hundred ten-second clips of Dave sitting in his recliner, eating chips and watching "Star Trek: The Next Generation":

Such exciting lives we lead.


  1. That's one well loved dog.
    Had to laugh about the clips of Dave eating chips, lol

  2. I have had a good look at the video and it seems to me that Dave is not eating chips. He is actually eating crisps. Shame you were missing out on all the fun.

  3. You have a lovely and light-filled home. Thanks for the peek.

  4. I guess you and Dave could play a game called 'catch him on the camera'.

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  6. I love that Olga spent the morning in bed. She has quite the wonderful life. And she's a giant lap dog.

  7. Olga looks very comfortable on the bed but I think she might prefer Dave's lap.

  8. I love it. Olga looks so comfy and Dave's lap. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  9. I love seeing Olga wrapped up in her pink blanket! Do Dave's or your legs ever go to sleep when Olga settles down with you? :)

  10. Olga lives like the princess and the pea, it seems to me.

  11. What an ideal afternoon, tv, dog and crisps! Just add tea or wine and it would be perfect!

  12. I absolutely love the video of Dave and Olga. Olga looks so happy and cosy with her human. The camera resolution is really good, too!

  13. how entertaining! I love your spy camera, It might be rude but fun! Olga's life is so hard!

  14. Fascinating footage. Or should I say riveting?!? Our friends have a completely wired house. He installed it all. One day, they had a huge argument and, when she left the room, he gave her the finger. She saw it on the monitor in the next room. He’s still paying.

  15. Olga-Cam makes me think I should invest in Lukas-Cam. I'd take any day with your dog...

  16. John: As I've said, it was my favorite blanket growing up, so we love it too!

    Briony: It was pretty funny. Literally EVERY clip looked exactly like this.

    YP: Actually I think they're Wheat Thins, but whatever.

    Ms Moon: We like it!

    Ellen: It's not typical for me to turn them on when Dave is home! It was accidental, honestly.

    Padre: Ha!

    Allison: She's in bed now as I type, right down by my feet!

    Sharon: She and Dave have a routine when he gets home from work. This is it!

    Edna: Olga loves "chair time."

    Jenny-O: Dave mostly complains about how warm she is! Which doesn't bother me, honestly.

    Catalyst: Or maybe just the princess!

    Sarah: The wine came out later, for me, anyway. (Dave doesn't drink because of his Crohn's.)

    37P: It's not bad, is it?! And the cameras are small -- about the size of a pack of cards.

    Linda Sue: It would only be rude if I used it routinely for spying purposes. Which I do not. :)

    Mitchell: Ha! That's a great story. There is a risk in all this self-monitoring, isn't there?!

    E: I don't think these cameras were particularly expensive. If you're ever away it's a good way to keep tabs on things!