Monday, March 30, 2020

Let's Keep Warm

Olga and I went to the Heath yesterday and had a long walk. Not many people were out. For one thing, the temperatures were in the low 40's -- not exactly comfortable spring weather!

I'm taking the position that going to the Heath conforms to the government's lockdown rules, as long as there aren't too many people around. After all, it is local. I figure it's my one outing for the day, and I'm only going once a week or so. Hopefully I won't be drone-shamed.

I could not believe how chilly it was. It even snowed a couple of times. What kind of crazy spring is this?

Here's a better look at the old pine on Sandy Heath that was damaged in our windstorms several weeks ago. I'm still not sure what's happening here. You can see one of the cables supporting the tree running off to the left, about a third of the way up from the ground. That cable connects to an adjacent tree and was there long before the wind damage, to counteract the pine's leaning.

Olga enjoyed the near-empty (and cold and windy) playing fields on Hampstead Heath Extension.

As usual, we passed through Golders Hill Park on our walk back toward home. The tulips are looking great! None of the tulips in our own garden bloomed this year, though a few of them sent up leaves. We've never done well with tulips.

After witnessing the crazy intermingling of kids on the playground last weekend, I was glad to see it's since been closed to enforce social distancing. The swings have been taken down and the equipment covered with netting. I mean, I'm sorry for the kids, but it's better for everyone.


  1. That looks like a very nice walk, in spite of the cold. I am waiting for it to warm up a bit so that I can get in the garden and do a bit of digging to make space for my foxgloves.
    I have got 2 pots of tulips...the big ones have been flowering for a while and the miniature ones are about to come out.....hiding from the cold this weekend I think! Ooh the sun has just shone through the velux on me......must be time to take the dog out!

  2. The park with tulips looks beautiful as does the walk on the heath. Our guidelines are much more clear. No pleasure walks, so this would obviously be off limits.

  3. Does Olga ever just go in your garden?

  4. Best to leave your i-phone at home when you walk to The Heath. Big Brother is tracking your movements via satellite. He doesn't need a drone or indeed Mrs Kravitz.

  5. Enjoy the coolness while it's there.
    Every day I wake up and think, "Whoa! Different world again!" Here we are, here we are.
    Somehow I'm not sure that pine tree is going to make it.

  6. I agree, I don't think that pine is going to make it. That's rather sad. I love the photos of Olga enjoying herself. Those orange blossoms are gorgeous. My favorite color. We have green stems coming up, but no blossoms yet. Usually by the time the good part of Spring gets here, the hot temps take over and we complain about how it is too hot. Yeesh! WE just can't win. Enjoy your walks while you can and have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  7. I think it's important to get out the house for exercise, away from people of course. Olga needs her walks, and so, I think, do you. Yes, stay warm. And safe.

  8. I thin the poor old pine should have been put out of its misery a long time ago before it seriously bonks somebody on the head.

  9. We just finished up a few days of colder than normal weather here too. It's supposed to be back to normal today. Good for you for getting out even if it was cold and windy.
    I went to a "virtual" birthday party yesterday. It turned out to be more fun than I anticipated. I'm so glad we have these great communication tools to keep in touch with friends and family.

  10. I'm glad you took Olga to the Heath. Nice to have some familiar path and normal routines restored. It does look so quiet and peaceful there. I hope it warms up soon. We're in for a week of rain here. Just adding to the misery. LOL!

  11. Try species tulips. You've probably got hybrids. There are some yellow tulips that come up in my side yard every year without fail and have been doing so since before I was born (1943). Family legend has it they were planted by Great Granny. I always knew she was great.

  12. Had a report from the BRD on their (she and Beau Jack) road trip yesterday. It included a drive through what is normally traffic-jammed Sedona; yesterday a ghost town. She said she had never seen it like that.

  13. I'm pretty sure your walks are FINE as long as you're keeping your distance. As usual, Olga is so photogenic - especially in the middle of that green green grass.

    It was in the 80s here over the weekend, but tomorrow it's supposed to get down into the 30s. What the heck!

  14. The park police should take that pine down before it falls on somebody. It's a gonner. I didn't realize drones were being deployed for shaming people. Maybe the Florida beaches should employ some.

  15. Great photos, as always. The raggedy pine tree reflects how all of feel about the present situation.

  16. I love the photo of Olga by the tulips where you have caught her licking her nose! At least the cool weather has the advantage of there being thinner crowds. I've been wondering whether to keep walking when the weather gets warmer. I'm sure the streets will be much busier. Maybe I'll concentrate on yard work instead. Lord knows it needs it.

  17. To answer your question about deliveries, there are Walmart, Amazon and Instacart. Shipt serves Target but that is drive up. None were available for days to come and all are feeling the strain of this situation.

  18. Frances: I wondered if your foxgloves were in yet! I think the cold has slowed everything down a bit.

    Mitchell: We're still allowed out for exercise as long as we distance. Spain's outbreak is worse than ours (so far) so perhaps that accounts for the difference.

    E: Oh yeah, she's out there all the time. But she doesn't really exercise out there, she just lies around. I feel pretty strongly that she needs a daily walk, too.

    YP: Let Big Brother track me! I honestly don't think I'm doing anything wrong.

    Ms Moon: At the very least it needs some tree-trimming! But yeah, I think it probably just needs to come down. They've obviously gone to a lot of trouble to support it over the years -- I wonder if it's significant somehow? It's the only pine of that type that I've noticed on the Heath. There's probably a story behind it.

    Edna: There's another bed of tulips nearby that are even brighter orange-red. I'll try to get a photo of those next time!

    37P: I agree. And yes, I need to get out and about. I think I'd go crazy if I had to spend all my time within these four walls.

    Red: There's a ring of branches around the base to keep people out from under it, probably just for that reason!

    Sharon: Ah, that's a first! I haven't had one of those yet.

    Robin: Well, enjoy the rain while it lasts. Soon it will be wildfire season!

    Frank: Thanks for the hint! That is indeed very possible. The ones we've planted have all died or disappeared. We have a couple of tulips that have been in our garden since before we moved here, and they persist but they don't bloom. Some of them have been overtaken by English ivy. I probably just need to make sure they get more light.

    Catalyst: I guess it is a good time to get to scenic spots that are normally crowded. If they're open, anyway!

    Bug: That's what I think too. And yeah, what is up with this crazy weather?

    Allison: I'm not sure what the Heath's position is on fallen (or falling) trees. Sometimes they just leave them, and sometimes they cut them up. I have a hunch there's something about this pine that makes them want to keep it, but yeah, I think it may be beyond salvaging.

    Penelope: Thank you! And yes, "pine as metaphor." LOL

    Jenny-O: It's a balancing act. We do need our exercise!

    E (again): Yeah, our delivery services are also strained. Dave tried to book a food delivery and couldn't get a slot for weeks to come. We gave up.