Monday, October 24, 2022


This photo pretty much sums up yesterday. I spent the whole day at home, with the exception of two short errands -- taking Dave's suit to the cleaners and buying milk. And much of the time I was home, I was on the couch.

I needed a day like that.

Dave was away working with students again and didn't get home until about 6 p.m. So I had lots of time for reading -- my newspapers and about half of Jane Harper's book "The Survivors." It's a mystery/thriller set in Tasmania, and now I want to go to there. I did some exploring on Google Maps and it looks pretty amazing.

First we have to get through our December trip to Florida, though, and it's looking more and more expensive every time I turn around. It looks like we will have to rent a car, because I hear that my step-sister's extra car -- which I usually borrow while in Florida -- is out of commission. Plus we need hotels so we're not crashing on people's sofas. (Dave is a firm believer in having a hotel room.) Argh! I swear, we could get a package holiday to Sri Lanka or the Maldives for the amount of money we're spending to go to Florida.

Part of the reason I stayed in yesterday was the weather. It was rainy most of the day, which made Olga unenthusiastic about walking anywhere, and then in the evening as the sun was setting we had thunder, lightning and some furious wind:

Wild, huh? You can see the rain basically blowing sideways. A good day to be indoors, for sure.


Andrew said...

You did have terrible wind. There might be some garden tidying up to do.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love stormy days and nights like that. SG does not. Olga and your living room (and view) are so inviting. Like Dave, we’re not big on staying with friends and family when we travel. It always makes for much more expensive trips. And car rental prices are a nightmare. Yes, so many cheaper places to visit than those we feel the need to visit.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

It's terribly disappointing that you did not affix some music to the video. May I suggest "Jupiter" from The Planets Suite by Holst. Sorry to hear that the next Florida trip is going to be more costly than you had anticipated.

Ms. Moon said...

I'm with Dave on the hotel rooms but yes- that makes it so much more expensive.
That was some wind! Has it calmed down now?

Bob said...

I love a kind of do-nothing lay on the couch and read Sunday.

Carlos and I are planning a trip to Oregon for next month and I am stunned by the high prices of airline tickets and hotels and cars. If we weren't going to see my dad, I'd suggest a different trip, closer to home.

Pixie said...

My husband is the same, we have to stay in a hotel, even though it costs so much damned money. Hotels here are around $250 to $300/night now and it reallys adds up fast.

Looks like it was a good day to stay inside and read but at least your garden got a good drink:)

ellen abbott said...

Lazy days are good to have now and then. It was windy/gusty here yesterday but no rain. Kept blowing one of the plumerias over until I put four heavy bricks in the pot. I don't blame Dave for wanting a bed instead of a sofa, which I assume opens out to a bed. Those things are never comfortable.

NewRobin13 said...

That was quite a windy day you had there. Looked perfect for staying inside on the couch reading a good book.
Bummer about how expensive the trip to Florida is becoming. Makes me wonder if there are other housing choices... like airbnbs that might be less expensive.

Ed said...

Rental cars are certainly not as cheap as they used to be based on the last two I have rented since Covid. They have been the highest expensive of both trips.

Ellen D. said...

I love days like that when I don't have to feel guilty about being lazy.
Sorry about the rising cost of travel to Florida but it is important to sleep well why you are there!

Sharon said...

Oh my, that is very windy. It's even windy here. Not as windy as there but it's been windy all weekend.
Travel is getting very expensive these days. I've been trying to figure out a trip I keep getting discouraged at the price of things no matter where I go.

Debby said...

A very good day to stay indoors! (Although your video is mesmerizing!)

In the end, you'll be glad that you spent the money, but I know that awful feeling, when the list of costs gets longer and longer and longer.

Red said...

It's nice to have a day on your own. No disrespect to Dave.

Linda Sue said...

Expensive holiday, it is only money, they say. More will come to you I am sure, it always does.
Your day sounds wonderful, a day to relax in bad weather. Here comes winter.

Colette said...

As long as your Mom is still alive, your visits to Florida are fully justified, regardless of the expense. You'll be happy you made these extra efforts when she's gone.

Boud said...

I hear the pain about the upcoming costs. A hotel reservation is much better than family, because you need a break from even the dearest of relatives. And you can end the evening when you're ready, not so much when you're waiting to get on the sofa and the group's going on!

The Bug said...

That is my kind of day. Yesterday was gorgeous here, but I still spent most of it inside on my butt (all the walking the day before did me in).

Kelly said...

Didn't Jane Harper write The Dry? Maybe this one needs to go on my wishlist.

Olga looks soooo comfy!

Margaret said...

We read a mystery by Jane Harper in Book Club and I wasn't a fan. It wasn't that one though. Travel is very expensive these days; I'd still like to go to Ireland but am nervous about making the decision. That is some wind! Olga and you wouldn't want tree branches falling on your heads, so the couch sounds like the much better (and safer) option.

Jeanie said...

Good grief! Now THAT's some serious rain. I loved the video, although it made me worry about our forecasted rain, which will destroy our Indian Summer we're experiencing now. I just heard on the radio today that time is running out for the least expensive (or any) flights around the holidays. I'm glad I'm not traveling and feel for you two. I get the hotel thing but boy, it does tack on mega-bucks to a trip. I hope you can get early rates or some kind of discount and soon.

What a great reading day!

John Going Gently said...

I have the same throw

River said...

I love stormy winds, but not the damage they can cause. I was admiring the flexibility of those branches, wishing I could be the same.
Can you stay home and have Florida come to you instead? Haha

Elizabeth said...

That video is totally wild! I can't imagine RAIN at this point, much less rain that hard. How do people get around? I really love the top photo -- there's something so peaceful and beautiful about the light and the colors and your dear dog.

Steve Reed said...

Andrew: Fortunately it was more dramatic than damaging!

Mitchell: I think Dave feels like it's overkill considering we were just there this summer. But better to go ahead and visit while we can.

YP: I'll let you cue up "Jupiter" on YouTube and play it behind the visuals of my video. How's that?

Ms Moon: Well, we do all reach an age where staying on a couch is not appealing. Yes, it was much calmer just a half hour later.

Bob: It's crazy, isn't it?!

Pixie: Good Lord -- fortunately we're not paying that much. I think we're looking at about $125 a night.

Ellen: Yeah, we all just reach a point when we need a bed.

Robin: Believe it or not, I have never stayed in an AirBnB. That's one bandwagon I've never climbed aboard.

Ed: They're insane. Apparently there's still a huge car shortage out there.

Ellen D: They are wonderful but rare!

Sharon: I think you just have to bite the bullet and pay. Or hold off and hope for cheaper prices.

Debby: Yeah, it's discouraging considering we thought Florida would be relatively cheap.

Red: I'm sure he would agree with you! (As do I!)

Linda Sue: Well, that's true. This is what money is for, I suppose.

Colette: Yes, good point. And Dave's parents are just a year or two younger than my mom.

Boud: Yes, it's true. We need to be able to retreat to our own space.

Bug: Indoor time is not a bad thing!

Kelly: Yes! I loved "The Dry" and I've enjoyed her other novels as well. This is the fourth one I've read.

Margaret: Well, it's worth checking out what kind of deals you can get. You might be able to buy a package trip that's less expensive. (If you're into that.) I've enjoyed the Jane Harper books I've read!

Jeanie: Yeah, the costs add up, but at least our flights are already in the bag.

John: I'm sure it's similar, but if you mean the brown one, that's actually a Mazafil brand blanket I bought in Morocco about 30 years ago!

River: Ha! I wish! Dog care is a good third of our overall expense.

Elizabeth: Fortunately it was just a transient thunderstorm. It came and went pretty quickly, though we had rain all day. People in England are used to it. :)