Friday, October 7, 2022

My Vote Is Cast

Yesterday was a beautiful day, cool and sunny with a bright blue sky. I walked down this narrow, dog-legged street on my way to the post office in mid-morning to mail my ballot. I think I've blogged this peculiar little street before but I always enjoy it and yesterday the light was hitting it just right.

So, yes, I have voted in the mid-terms. As a Floridian, it was nice to be able to vote against Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio, though I expect they'll both probably win. There were also a host of judges on the ballot and some constitutional amendments that required a little research, but I finally got through it all. (And as we've seen, the legislature can always find a way to subvert the will of the voters on those referendum issues. Remember how Florida passed an amendment restoring the right for felons to vote? The legislature then passed a law that still leaves hundreds of thousands of them disenfranchised because of legal fees or financial penalties.)

I feel a little less harried this morning, which is good. It's normally not at all difficult for me to write a blog post -- in fact I enjoy my writing time every morning. It helps me gather my thoughts and gear up for the day. But I was just an empty vessel yesterday.

I think I'm distracted partly because I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow. In fact I didn't sleep very well last night, and I have to be up tomorrow morning for a 5:15 a.m. car to the airport! (Of course there are rail strikes this weekend so I don't want to risk trying to get there by train.) I may be running on fumes for the next few days.

This pic is for Debby who wondered if King Zack still presides over our living room. The answer is yes -- he guards our internet router and keeps an eye on the TV remote.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

That is indeed a curious little street. I like the way the end house curves round. John Denver sang, "All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go" - I hope yours are! Mind you, I guess you might only be taking a carry-on bag.

River said...

That street is wonderful! I love King Zack.

Unknown said...

King Zac is cool. Happy and safe travelling.

Frances said...

What an attractive street. Safe journey tomorrow.

Moving with Mitchell said...

That top photo... I want to stroll there. King Zack is great.

gz said...

I like that street! And the leaf.
Well done for voting.

Safe travels...looking forward to seeing some different leaves!!

Bob said...

Safe travels and ... next time you travel down the doglegged street, ask the owners of that curved house on the left if they'd like to sell.

Ellen D. said...

Safe travels, Steve!

Ed said...

I haven't voted by mail in awhile. I kind of like going to our local precinct poll in a small neighborhood church. There is never enough people to even cause a wait and the old ladies who man it always know my name and we have a chat while they are checking all the paperwork boxes. Plus, I get a free fun sized candy bar sometimes on my way out. But, I do recommend voting by mail if the option to vote in person isn't as convenient as it is for me, especially those who take the time to research like you do before voting!

Sharon said...

I LOVE that top photo. What a picturesque street bathed in that perfect light.
Glad you got your ballot off in the mail. I haven't gotten mine yet but I have gotten the info books explaining everything. You are so right about the legislature finding a way around the will of the people. It happens quite a lot here in AZ. That's probably why the head of the Republican party here thought she could subvert the presidential election. She just had a session with the Jan. 6th committee and took the 5th on every single question. She's a real piece of work.
Safe travels in the morning!

Marcia LaRue said...

The street made me think of Lombard St. in San Francisco!
Here's hoping enough women and men are so pissed at DeSantis that they vote his ugliness out and elect Charlie Crist to replace him!
Safe travels on Saturday and may you find all is well with family in Florida.

NewRobin13 said...

That street is so beautiful. I would like to walk there too.
By the time I read tomorrow's blog post you'll be flying to Florida. Safe travels, Steve.

Red said...

I wonder where the fees for felons to get back and vote will come from? A little more theft?

ellen abbott said...

I do love that little dog leg street. I think the biggest shock or surprise when I went to Scotland was that there is no space between a house's front door and the street! Same in Portugal and I suppose all of Europe. In this case not even a bit of sidewalk. Seems dangerous to be going in and out that door.

I didn't realize you had a trip to Florida planned before the holiday visit.

Debby said...

All hail king Zack! Tbh I vote in person. I don't want my vote to be decertified. Safe travels!

Kelly said...

Lovely photos, including King Zack! I hope your travels go smoothly.

Margaret said...

I hope your vote wins the election for the Ds! We vote by mail here in WA and it does give more time to do research and to actually read and remember my voters pamphlet. Love that street! Bon Voyage, Steve!

Boud said...

I lived in a house whose front door opened directly onto the sidewalk. One step down.

I wonder what it's like living in that curving house. How to furnish.

Safe travels and I hope your mom is as well as we can expect at this point.

Jim Davis said...

Safe travels and fingers crossed for Charlie Crist and Val Demings!!

Allison said...

Here's hoping for a calm and on-time flight.

37paddington said...

Thank you so much for voting. I hope you're wrong that DeSantis and Rubio will win. That is such a storybook street, as so many places you photograph are. But then I suppose London is an old city, and it has been the setting for many of the stories we grew up with, so it feels iconic, even nostalgic, even to those of us who have never stood in those places. Safe travels my friend. See you on the other side.

Jeanie said...

I don't think I realized you had another FLorida trip planned. I hope your family is OK. And thank you for voting -- especially since you voted the way I would!

I love that charming street and another winner of a leaf! It's peak color here and I'm grabbing it while I can!

Steve Reed said...

YP: Indeed, on my bargain-price ticket, I am only permitted a carry-on bag!

River: It's a pretty street, obviously once a mews for horses and stables.

Andrew: We like him! His Royal Zebraness.

Frances: It's pretty under any circumstances but I loved the light and shadow that morning.

Mitchell: Come to St. John's Wood and walk from Snappy Snaps to the Post Office!

GZ: Let's hope the voting does some good, but sadly I'm used to being on the losing side.

Bob: It would be a little unsettling to have cars driving so close to your front wall, though!

Ellen D: Thank you!

Ed: Free candy! That's a bonus! I enjoy voting (though I've never had an experience as cozy as yours) and I always wonder why some people avoid it.

Sharon: It's interesting how Arizona seems to be the driver of so much political craziness, going all the way back to Barry Goldwater! (And probably even before him.)

Marcia: That would be AMAZING, for DeSantis to lose, but sadly he does seem to be quite popular and Florida leans Republican.

Robin: I'm in Florida now. It's amazing how I can wake up on one side of an ocean and go to bed on the other.

Red: Well I hope not! That's the thing, though -- many of those people are pretty poor and can't afford hundreds or thousands of dollars in court costs or restitution. Yes, they transgressed, but from that point on the system is literally rigged against them.

Ellen: And of course that's because in Europe all these streets were designed before there were cars. In this case it was a mews, so the only thing going past that door originally would have been horses. (And maybe carts.)

Debby: Well, I do worry about that, and that's why I mailed it from England rather than bringing it back to Florida on my trip and mailing it there. I want the voting people to see that I really AM in England.

Kelly: Glad you like them. :)

Margaret: I don't get a pamphlet -- just a ballot and a return envelope. I have to look up every race myself. (Which is hard when it's the Soil and Water Conservation District or the Mosquito Control District -- races that don't get much press.)

Boud: It's very common in England, to be so close to the street. I'm sure the furnishing is a challenge!

Jim: Fingers crossed, but I'm doubtful on both counts!

Allison: It went well, fortunately!

37P: That's true -- we all grow up with Peter Pan and Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh and we have London/England images in our heads from the time we're very small.

Jeanie: Yes! Back for a few days to see my mom.