Monday, January 8, 2007

Central Park, January 2007

The latest sculpture to temporarily grace the outdoor gallery at the southeast corner of Central Park, near the Pierre Hotel, is this one. Called "2001," by Liz Larner, it has an irridescent finish worthy of the hottest sportscar. The plaque near the sculpture says that it's Larner's attempt to blend two familiar shapes, the sphere and the cube. But I think the most interesting thing about it is the way it reflects the surrounding buildings and trees in its automotive paint job.

I saw it on Saturday when my friend Rob and I went to the park. Rob, fortunately, is very patient with me when I whip out the camera and start walking circles around some object, or pacing and crouching in front of a wall, trying to figure out the best angles and crops. At least on Saturday he didn't have to wait in the cold!

Looks kind of like a big enameled paperwad, doesn't it? Larner carefully designed the sculpture around a central point, but it's interesting that a chaotic action like wadding up a piece of paper produces a superficially similar combination of forms: cubes and spheres.

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