Saturday, January 27, 2007

Upper East Side, October 2006

This strange creature crawled out of the evolutionary muck and right onto a sidewalk on the Upper East Side. Is it a portrait of someone's pet? A drawing by a child who wants to be a paleontologist? A Geico advertisement? We will never know.

It's been blisteringly cold the last few days, at least for New York. (Minnesotans would probably scoff!) Our low yesterday was 9 degrees, though the temperature right now is a comparatively cozy 24. As a Florida native, it took me a while to learn how to dress in weather like this, and I still don't always do it well. I have to remind myself: Layers. Layers. Layers.

That helps even in my office, which is very drafty. On cold days I get a chilly wind sweeping across my desk from a crack in the window frame, and my "mouse hand" always gets REALLY cold. A strange work complaint, I know.

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