Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Boston Road, Bronx, April 2007

I took this on the day I went to the Bronx Zoo. The bright purple of this wall outside a supermarket caught my eye, as well as the shadow, but I also liked the dirt and decay. There's some kind of weird white seepage coming out of the concrete, and filth on the wall and trash on the ground. It's disgusting, and yet beautiful at the same time. You don't often find that combination!

The cat and I have mostly returned to our normal routines after her radioactive iodine treatment. Technically I have to continue our special precautions until Friday, but I've stopped locking her in the bathroom to sleep - my guilt over that little cruelty outweighs any sense of danger I have about her mild radioactivity. At this point, she should be pretty much back to normal. She's lying next to me, happy as a clam, having just dined on a foul-smelling fish concoction produced by Fancy Feast. (The Fancy Feast is the one holdover from this whole experience - I had been using it to conceal her thyroid medicine, but now that she doesn't get the medicine, I give it to her just because she likes it so much!)

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