Sunday, April 1, 2007

Revisitation No. 4

After our last snowfall a couple of weeks ago, I wandered past the playground that features these concrete beach balls. You may remember them from last year. I thought beach balls in the snow would look pretty strange, and they did.

As usual, there was no one in this playground, which was fenced and locked. That seems to be true no matter what time of day I walk by, and no matter the weather. It's a mystery.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day - a little cool and just shy of 60 degrees, but comfortable enough that I was able to walk around in a t-shirt when I stayed in the sun. It felt so great to leave behind the burden of a coat or jacket, even if I'm not quite done with them for the year! (It got chilly again in the evening and we're in the 40's now.)

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